2-27-12 Monday (Distorted Views)

Continuing yesterday’s blog post first… I had a 2:30 flight out of the Greenville/Spartanburg International Airport.  Jim and I chose to fly with Allegiant because it was about $100 cheaper.   

Just passed the NC/SC state line, I exited I85 for some gas and lunch.  On the off ramp was a beaver!  It waddled/scurried or whatever is appropriate to describe a beaver’s movement across the road.  It was pretty cool.  I’ve already heard many a beaver joke (from my status post on Facebook) so feel free to add to ‘em.

I stopped off a Pilot gas station that also had a Wendy’s inside.  I really, really hate to say this but there are some ugly and stupid sounding folks in South Carolina.  By the way, in case I haven’t insulted any of my readers, let me add a few more cities to that list: Little Rock, Arkansas; Rock Hill, South Carolina; various places in Alabama; and some others.  The white trash I saw in this Wendy’s was crazy.  I should have snuck some photos in but I may have still been in beaver shock.  I’m not going to say that it’s every person in those cities because I know it’s not.

I got to the airport fairly early.  The line for ticketing check in was quite long.  Once through the security check point I went to the gate.  The airport is very small but nice enough.  We boarded the plane eventually and I had to sit way in the back.  The turbulence throughout most of the hour and 20 minute flight sucked.  The flight attendants couldn’t use their beverage cart but rather we had to use the call button if we wanted a beverage.  That part was no big deal though.

Arrival at the Punta Gorda airport was certainly interesting.  We had to deplane on the tarmac.  When walking up to the building, auto doors opened revealing people waiting for us to deplane so they could board.   It was kind of strange having all of these people right at the entrance.  After walking passed the crowd, bam, I was at the luggage carousel.  Briefly, I wondered, am I at the right carousel.  A quick look around revealed I was at the only one.  One plane and it seemed like it took forever for the luggage to come off.  I got my rental and hit the road for a 35 minute drive to my parent’s house in Fort Myers.


Mom and I had some tea together, Dad arrived and off to dinner we went.  TGI Friday’s.  My meal was good.  Weight Watchers?  Uh, not so much right now.  When I get back, definitely.

I did get a call from one of the managers of Adams Homes on Friday.  It was a voicemail with apologies and an offer for a meeting.  I was probably on the plane when he called.  I’m happy I got a call back at least.  I guess my bitchy letter got through?

On Saturday I met up with friends, Mike & Dave and David, for lunch at a favorite local restaurant, Oasis.  We then walked around downtown Fort Myers where since I’ve been gone they’ve done a nice job of revitalizing it.  It had been dying for so many years.

2012-02-25 020Above: They recently adopted 2 Sun Conures (gorgeous!) and 2 dogs.

2012-02-25 014Above: Mike

2012-02-25 006Above: Dave & Mike

2012-02-25 009Above: Me, Mike & Dave

2012-02-25 010Above: Mike, Dave & David

2012-02-25 013Above: Moi.

Meanwhile, back in Charlotte, Jim supervised the drywall dudes.  He also worked on getting plywood laid down in the attic to accommodate more Christmas crap décor.

At dinner, my cousin came over and my Dad barbequed burgers, steaks and hot dogs.  Yum!  My cousin and I had some fun with my camera phone:

2012-02-26 026Above: Me & my grandmother

2012-02-25 017Above: Cousin Carissa

2012-02-25 019Above: Me

2012-02-25 102Above/Below: Cousin Carissa2012-02-25 104

2012-02-25 108Above: Cousin Carissa

2012-02-26 022Above: Grandmother

2012-02-26 023Above: Aunt Donna

2012-02-26 025Above: Mom

On Sunday I went with my aunt Donna and mom to visit my grandmother in the nursing home.  She immediately touched my belly and commented on it.  Thanks.  I wasn’t aware it was huge.  She’s always done that.  She’ll just speak her mind but I guess at 90 she can.

2012-02-26 018Above: Aunt Donna, my mom and Grandmother.

2012-02-26 016

Mom and dad’s newest cats. Cookie (above) and Oreo (below)

2012-02-26 017

For dinner I treated my parents to dinner at Cantina Laredo for their birthday.  Yes, I said THEIR birthday and I no I didn’t mean anniversary.  My mom and dad have the same birthday, 1 year apart. 

On the day of my departure (Monday), Dad went to work meanwhile Mom, me and Aunt Donna went to breakfast at Perkins.   I left extra early for the airport so I could get an “early seating” during their open seating.  They board in groups according to when you checked in.  Getting off the plane faster doesn’t really matter since the luggage seems to take forever to get to the carousel.  I’d rather stand around waiting for the luggage than sitting on that damn plane.  I don’t enjoy flying.  It’s cramped, noisy, and usually warm.

I scored on the seat.  I’m in row 16 of 2,458.  I’m not sure how it’s counted as 16.  It’s more like 10th row but whatever.  I also snagged a window seat.  It’s 3 to a row and there’s no one next to me.  Just a guy on the aisle seat and me.  Go me. 

2012-02-27 032

Why does half the plane stand up after landing and taxiing?  I mean, everyone knows it takes forever before you can even get off the plane.

Speaking of air travel, how do these flight attendants constantly smile?  It’s obviously their job but I think it’s a skill… really. 

When I bought my laptop, I got a huge screen and keyboard setup.  You know, the one with a numerical keypad off to the side?  The laptop is too large to actually use on the plane.  I can’t open the lid with a good viewing angle so I just have to suffer.  I know, there’s poor kids riding airplanes without laptops.

Speaking of laptops, it’s been acting weird.  It will show 100% battery life then after 10 minutes maybe 90%.  Next thing I know it shuts down with 5% battery.  What happened to the other 85%?

I was thinking about all the friends I didn’t get to see while in Florida.  The best I can do is invite everyone to Charlotte!  A few days isn’t a long visit but I got to see my family and that was what the trip was about.

Right now we’re flying through a lot of clouds which means some turbulence and a lot of white.

2012-02-27 036

I look forward to being home with Jim, Dasher and Clea.  I miss my bed too.  My parent’s guest bed had a swale in it.  I also end up inconveniencing my mom.  She typically sleeps in the guest bedroom cause my dad snores and with her med problems, she doesn’t sleep restfully.  Since they only have 1 guest room, she’d start off in the bedroom with my dad and eventually migrate to a couch.

My mom will be coming to visit me right after Easter.  We’ve been talking my Aunt Donna to coming as well.  My mom will probably stay for 3 weeks and my aunt for just one.  I think it will be good for my aunt to get away.  We have two guest rooms across the hall from one another so there’s plenty of room.  While my aunt is in town, her and my mom can take little road trips or whatever.  Maybe even visit my aunt in Myrtle Beach.


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