2-1-15 Sunday (Divorcing Taxation)

ANimated cruise shipIt’s been a week since the cruise and here’s what’s been happening.  Well, you won’t believe the first part, we’ve been shopping for the next cruise.  No really.  We love cruises and they’re such great values that we were thinking of something for May or so.  Then we realized we had companion flight points with US Airways so thought maybe another trip to Alaska.  Expensive.  Hawaii?  Even more.  Europe?  Out the window.  So now we’re looking at a non-cruise trip to Niagara Falls.  Stay tuned.  Anyone ever been before?  Is there other things to do aside from the falls?  Feedback please.

Here’s what we did with the boutonnières Beth gave us plus the tuxedo bottle covers Angie, David and Anne gave us.  We purchased bottles that would compliment our curio theme of gold, red, blue and green and attached the boutonnières to the bottle covers.

2015-02-01 001

I took them out of the case so the photo would be clearer:

2015-02-01 002

the-cable-guy-tbiWe spend so much money on TV.  I’ve researched ditching cable and using antenna but it’s a lot of work.  I made a list of the shows we watch along with the stations they’re on and we’d have to go all over the place to watch them.  Sometimes you can’t watch an episode online until 8 days after it’s shown and then they won’t keep but 5 episodes at a time.  Also, my TiVo records new episodes, how will I know when a new episode of my favorite TV show is on?  I’d have to go to websites and check.  I just don’t think  it’s for me.  So next I looked at DirecTV again.  Pros and cons.  Sure, I can save a lot of money based on a 12 month special but I’m also interested in prices AFTER the introductory rates end.  I made a spread sheet.  We’d save about $30-$35 a month.  I had to research channels, equipment, restrictions, etc.  I didn’t see CW on the channel list so I decided to chat with a DirecTV rep.  It’s a long chat but worth the scan/read through.  Here it goes:

Jessica: Hi, I'm a DIRECTV product specialist. What questions can I answer for you about choosing new services?

You: I don't see CW on the channel line up for 28213, Mecklenberg cty. Am I missing something?

Jessica: May I know Are you an existing customer?

You: No

You: Shopping cable vs satellite.

Jessica: Thank you for considering DIRECTV! It would be my pleasure to help you gather information to make an informative decision about switching.

Jessica: We have several package options to choose from. To recommend the best one for you, I'd like to ask you a couple of questions.

You: I just want my question answered. What package includes CW?

You: I'm perfectly capable of researching my needs on line on my own. I appreciate the help.

Jessica: We offer DVR services, are you interested in these?

You: Yes, does this help get CW network?

Jessica: Sorry about that.

Jessica: You would get CW in all the packages depending on your location.

Jessica: May I have your zip code and county name please to check this for you.

You: I already included that information at the start of this conversation.

Jessica: I am sorry I missed on that, apologies for the same.

Jessica: Today, when you order your DIRECTV package online, you’ll receive FREE professional installation, FREE shipping and handling (a $20.00 value), and there won’t be any equipment to buy!

You: Jessica. You're making me mad. Get me a supervisor.

Jessica: Sorry for the inconvenience.

Jessica: Due to technical issues unable to transfer you chat to a supervisor as of now.

You: I want your employee ID and your location.

Jessica: You can come back as we are here 24*7 ab=nd would be happy to help you.

Jessica: *and

Jessica: We are based in the western part of US.

You: What is your employee ID and and the state in which YOU are located?

Jessica: We are in California.

You: You need to get a manager on the phone then and have them call me even if you can't transfer your chat to them.

You: What is your employee ID?

You: I don't give up easily. I have all day.

Jessica: My Employee id is dvohra.

Jessica: You can keep it for reference.

Jessica: I understand how you could feel that way.

You: I certainly will. And this is why you are useless and why I guess I'll stay with my cable company.

You: I want a manager to call me. I will send this chat log onto corporate or even the news media. Consumer reports loves stuff like this.

Jessica: I apologize for the delay in providing the information.

You: Jessica, here's my phone number. 980-875-9254. Remember, chats are recorded. I want a supervisor to call me.

Jessica: We do not the facility of call back but would still try to get it arranged form the concerned authority if possible.

Jessica: *We do not have the facility

Jessica: Thank you for choosing DIRECTV. Glad I could be of help.

Jessica: Is there anything else I can help you with today?

You: Yes, I want a supervisor.

Jessica: I apologize due to technical issues unable to transfer you chat to a supervisor as of now.

You: I want a supervisor now.

Jessica: I am sorry due to technical issues unable to transfer you chat to a supervisor as of now.

You: I want a supervisor now.

You: Let me know when you've fixed your "technical issue".

Jessica: Request you to please come back after sometime and would be happy to transfer you to a supervisor.

You: Nope. I'm waiting.

Jessica: Not an issue, please wait while I try my best to get a resolution for the same.

Jessica: Let me try to transfer your chat to a supervisor.

Jessica has left the chat

You are being transferred, please hold...

Agent sup_dinesh enters chat

sup_dinesh: Hi This is Dinesh, supervisor on the floor, would you allow me sometime to review your previous conversation with the executive. Your patience is appreciated.

You: Hi supervisor Dinesh. Yes, please do.

sup_dinesh: Thanks you.

sup_dinesh: *Thank

sup_dinesh: Please find below the local channels at your location :-

sup_dinesh: (PBS) HD30

sup_dinesh: CW is available at your location on channel # 18.

sup_dinesh: May I know are you an existing customer?

You: I am not. I'm shopping to see if I should make the switch from cable to DirecTV.

sup_dinesh: Excellent, we can make sure that you get all the promotional discount today.

sup_dinesh: I sincerely apologize for the inconvenience being caused to you.

sup_dinesh: We have several package options to choose from. To recommend the best one for you, I'd like to ask you a couple of questions.

You: I hope that you will use this chat log as a training tool with your other sales agents. This was a horrible experience with Jessica.

You: If your service is anything like your sales, I'm not interested in DirecTV. I'm not a patient person with poor service.

sup_dinesh: Absolutely, we appreciate your patience and would ensure that we are improving on our customer service.

sup_dinesh: Would request you to please allow me a chance to value esteemed customer like you.

sup_dinesh: Do we give a try to ensure that you do not miss out on any of the promotional discount.

You: Have a great day. DirecTV isn't for me. I've wasted so much time I have no desire to chat. If I change my mind, I will call and hope for a better experience. It sounds like your sales goals are too tight forcing your sales people to stoop to low places to obtain them.

sup_dinesh: How many TVs would you like service on?

sup_dinesh: Not a problem, you can take your time to think.

Meanwhile, Jim starts a chat with Time Warner asking for a lower price and they try to upsell him to a package that costs more.  Really.  He had to ask for a supervisor.  After going round and round for a while he called them.  We now receive $40 a month discount for a year.  That matches us to the DirecTV price so we won’t be switching right now.

Jim just did taxes as married vs. unmarried.  Now that we’re married, we will pay $582 MORE than before!  Nice to have equal rights and equal misery.  Should we divorce?


Sunday night we enjoyed Brazz Carvery and Brazilian Steakhouse.  It’s similar to Chima but being a smaller place, we found the service very personal and the food excellent.  We went on a Groupon.  We had the Rodizio service (aka all you can eat meat buffet).



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