5-30-12 Wednesday (Unicorn Abuse By Dental Professionals)


Happy anniversary to me and Jim.  13 years!  We celebrated with brunch at Mimi’s.  Ya know, Mimosas and Bloody Mary’s.  Mmmmm.  We then went shoe shopping.  I needed new sneakers, and shoes for work.  Mine were worn, tired and hurt my feet.  We stopped at 3 different shoe stores and between the 2 of us managed to buy 9 pairs of shoes.  8 of them were “buy one, get half off another” except for the $20 pair of shoes I just had to have because they are “fun”.


Dasher continues to acclimate himself to the torturous Cone of Misery.  His pain pills make him drink a lot and pee a lot.  He’s had 4 “accidents” since being home from the hospital.  He’s been so good about not peeing in the house until now.  Yesterday he peed right in front of us in the office.  He was trying to get my attention but I just thought he wanted a treat or something.  I went downstairs with him, gave him a treat which he didn’t eat.  At that point I just thought he wanted attention.   I pet him, talked to him and shortly after he peed.  We were stunned; I mildly scolded him.  I certainly didn’t want him to think it was OK. 

2012-05-28 009

2012-05-28 008Above: One of the four incisions.

Beth had us over for dinner/BBQ.  Tasty burgers, tasty salads.  What more could we want?


Lunch at Olive Garden.  Yes, we’re eating out a lot.  We’re on vacation.  We had the soup/salad/breadsticks combo.  Mmmmmm.  Most of the day we spent shopping.  Bed Bath and Beyond, Garden Ridge and Kirkland’s.  We’re looking for a centerpiece for the dining table.  Also rods for the drapery panels we bought.  So much stuff.

Dinner at Dressler’s with a Half Off Depot.    If you’ve been paying attention, you’d know that I’ve not mentioned this site before.  It’s similar to Groupon, Living Social, etc.


For a Memorial Day special, it was another 28% off that.  So, for the mathematical challenged – that’s $14.40 for $50 worth of food.

4fc5d27cAbove: Appetizer

4fc5d2b1Above: Jim’s.  He opted out of the “blackened”.

4fc5d21Above: Mine.

It cost a lot of money and wasn’t really worth it.  It was all “just OK”.  The food didn’t wow us.  The ambiance was great.  The dining room was elegant, and the views of Uptown Charlotte were nice.  We walked around the area afterwards.


I had a dentist appointment for a temporary crown and then a cleaning.


Above/Below: I got to wear cool shades to, as the doctor said, protect me from Paparazzi.  It worked.  No one bothered me for an autograph.


Below: My doctor and friend, Dr. David goes to work crafting my temporary crown.  The light from his headband spot light created a cool photo.  He said, “It's shiny because it's made from spun gold and ground unicorn horn...”  I put a call into PETA to report him for unicorn abuse.  I was on hold a very long time and eventually gave up.


After lunch I met up with Jim at a Salvation Army in Huntersville.  What a huge, neat place.  Wednesdays is half off day.  For $31 we got a huge bag of clothes.  The sign at the entry way was amusing to me:


Jim said maybe the “k” is supposed to be like that?  Coincidence?

For lunch we went to a place called Harvey’s off of a Groupon.  They weren’t open yet so we went to Lupie’s Café instead.  Lupie’s wasn’t all that great.  My burger was severely over-cooked and the tomato slice on the bun was sadly thicker than the burger patty itself.  Jim and I both had the mac and cheese that they said was homemade and delicious.  Well, homemade doesn’t mean delicious.  It was bland. 

Next up was a Swedish massage at Zen Massage.  Yes, another Groupon.  It was so relaxing.  I almost dozed off a few times.

For dessert we went to TGI Friday’s. 

Jim worked on hanging some curtain rods up.  Here’s the sheers we got for the dining room.  The colors are totally what we’ve got going on.  We got the panels on clearance at Bed, Bath and Beyond.  I take a shot of the dining room after the sheers have been washed and pressed.

2012-05-31 011

We later went back to Harvey’s for dinner.  This time it was Jim’s chance to get an overcooked burger and I had a croissant club sandwich. 

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  1. What an excellent staycation you are having !!! Complete with unicorn horny's in your mouth....
    Maybe you and Ross can compare crowns after you get the final one put in. Try to take a picture of it.
    P.S.- you were bad to scold Dasher. It was your fault. Yell at yourself.


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