5-13-12 Sunday (Wine In The Clouds)

Thursday night we put out our big “For Sale By Owner” sign along with our take-ones.  I emailed Adams:

At my last update, Tim, the Haskell's repair guy said he'd be at my house around 5:45pm.  He said "I have your number and will call you before I come".  I'm shocked to tell you that again, he did not show up.  You call Haskell's and tell them I want someone out at my house at 8am.  Let me know what date.  Inform Chris Morris of my entire file including today's typical let down.  Hell, forward him the million emails we've got going back and forth... but I can't get a tree? 

I was pretty hot.  Friday at about 11am I received:

I am so sorry, Chris does have your file and we talked about it in depth yesterday and they have at least agreed to plant what ever tree you want being similar in size in the same spot.  I had a thing at my son’s school this morning and am just seeing this email but have sent this to Chris as well so he can call Haskell’s directly.

Was it the Better Business Bureau complaint?  Did they see the flyers and for sale sign?  Did the manager view my file?  Was it the Facebook comments?  Was it my visit to the salesman?  Whatever it was hopefully it will be over soon.  I didn’t even get to snap a photo of the for sale sign.  When we got home (Friday night) we removed the sign, started dinner and settled in for the night.

While dinner cooked, the phone rang.  It was a repair guy from Haskell’s Hardware asking if he could come over now to fix the garage door.  I agreed and this time I let Jim deal with it.  The repair was a simple adjustment and he was gone in 10 minutes.  I replied to the builder:

That's a very nice gesture, thank you. We'd certainly love a Magnolia. The Haskell's guy called this evening, came over, made some adjustments and the garage door has no gaps. Yay!

Professional of me, no?

Saturday Jim and I made some returns.  All the Mikasa Wine glasses we had bought went back.  Some were from Macy’s and some from Dillard’s.  Every box we had, had at least one deformed wine glass.  We’re back to keeping the glasses we already had.  I’m just not sure why they keep fogging up.  I clean them, they look nice and then a month later, they’ve fogged up.  The champagne flutes in the same cabinets don’t do that.  I’ve already cleaned these glasses in rubbing alcohol, vinegar, Dawn, any other suggestions?  Glass isn’t porous so how is this happening?


Later in the evening we met up with Mike and Billy and went to the Rocky River Grille which is the Embassy Suites restaurant.  The food was good, prices decent and ambiance great.  We’d go back there.  We went there with one of Billy’s Restaurant.com certificates.  Another plus was that it wasn’t busy for a Saturday night.  It might just be one of our hidden gems that non hotel guests know about.

On Sunday we saw a movie.  The Avengers.  What a great movie.


  1. maybe it had something to do with the visit i made to your sales office, letting them know we were interested in your neighborhood, but said i was concerned about some obvious issues that were going on in the neighborhood and proceeded to tell them about the issues you had been having. i have a lot of time on my hands and i don't mind being ruckusable.


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