5-26-12 Saturday (Castles And Evil Queens)

Saturday, our first day of our staycation, vacation.  We shopped here and there.  We ate lunch on a Groupon at The Original Italian Pie.  We’ve been there once before.  We liked the food but hated the ambiance.  This time, being 11ish on a Saturday, we were the only patrons and it was nice and quiet.

We decided to head over near Carowinds to around Plaza Fiesta, an indoor, dying, Latino fleamarketish mall.  We hadn’t been there in a long time.  Over 2 years ago.  Truth be known, we went there for a tasty Churro. 

Ummmmmm is that a sweat shop?

2012-05-26 003

Let’s look closer…  The children must be on break…

2012-05-26 004

We drove around, stopping at various Goodwills.  On the way to the Carolina Place Mall, we spotted a castle.  The GPS had taken us up all these back roads.  We explored the area.  Jim thought since we were in Fort Mill that it might be the old Heritage USA site.  You know, that whole PTL campus thing that was HUGE.  I took some photos, we walked around a little. 

2012-05-26 007

Above/Below: King’s Castle.  I think it was an arcade and go-kart building.

2012-05-26 005

Below: A 501 room hotel tower that was never completed.

2012-05-26 006

PTL Tower Fort Mill SC

On Sunday Jim and I researched a lot of this online.  We found articles, youtube videos and such.  Very interesting.  What a waste.  The video below is shortly after it closed in 1989.  I can tell you that during Saturday’s visit, it all looked very different.  The water park is gone, filled in with dirt.  Many buildings are still there but closed off.

Another link to the Heritage USA backstory.

For dinner we went to Zada Jane’s (with a Groupon of course) and then to the cheap seats movie theater to see Mirror, Mirror.  We liked it.  It’s a great adaptation of Snow White.  I’ll also be looking forward to Snow White and the Huntsman.

All and all we were up till 1 which is odd for us.

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  1. Is there ANYTHING creepier than an abandoned evangelical Christian amusement park???


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