5-10-12 Thursday (Fatal Cuts & Bruises)

Friday’s hospital visit got me thinking about me and Jim’s legal set up.  What if he was unconscious?  What if he had to undergo emergency surgery?  What if something more tragic occurred.  How would I have been treated?  Could I have made any decisions?

(Sobbing) “It’s just a cut and needs a bandaid?  He can’t live like that, pull the plug.”

“Uh, sir, he’s not hooked up to any life supporting machinery.”

“Oh… uh carry on then.”

We’ve been putting off a Living Will since 2005 when Terri Schiavo’s case hit the media.  Remember that?  What exactly do we need to protect ourselves since closed-minded people prevent us from getting married?  A Living Will, but what else?  Should we get a lawyer?

Now with the unfortunate passing of Amendment One I’m not sure what protection options we have.  What a bigoted state I chose to live in.  It’s all about not letting the gays have their way even though there’s already laws in place against the terrible homos.  I wonder how many non-gay families this will ruin?  I’m such a non-political person, so much so that I’m so ignorant about so much of it.  This my friends, has me feeling so down though.  One man, one woman.  Whatever.  There’s simply no separation of church and state.  Why would anyone care what goes on in my bedroom anyway?  The sanctity of marriage?  My ass.

An Adams Homes update:  As you know I mentioned that the builder has agreed to replace the dead tree but only with a maple.  I pushed them and threatened them:

What's wrong with your company?  Really?  The garage door people called me Thursday and set up an appointment.  I had to wait a month for that.  A month Misty.  Why?  Is it them?  Is it you?  Is it Adams Homes?  No, it wasn't an important repair but the lack of care/service is terrible.  I'm still waiting on the roofer.  Why do you hire these subcontractors?  Awful. What about the tree?  Now I really want that Magnolia tree for all this hassle.  Can't do it?  Have a manager call me.  Let's not forget you are still trying to sell homes in this neighborhood.  Word of mouth is your best asset or worst enemy. 

PS: I've included a preview of my "house for sale" flyer that I'm considering putting in my yard.  Maybe we'll need to sell the house if we can't get stuff rectified.

I really couldn’t help it.  I’ve been trying to remain professional.  I try to keep my cool.  Every warranty repair is a cluster-flub.  Obviously they didn’t like my reply so they responded:

Ted Simpson, my Production Manger was in Crab Orchard today and has called the roofer directly to nail down loose shingle.  Our warranty will not cover the tree.  He says he recalls the Realtor breaking a limb off of the tree and it was living at time of closing.  My General Manager reviewed the Restrictions for the neighborhood and it does not designate type of tree for existing home.  Haskell’s will be out Thursday to look at the garage door.  I am sorry you feel the way you do about Adams Homes and our customer service and I am well aware we have some “issues”.  I will continue to work on any problems I can help you with on your home and will hopefully get to the point of being satisfied. 

So I replied:

We recall our realtor doing that too.  We also recall Ted assuring us it was fine.  Yes it was green inside but had NO leaves.  It was September 22nd that we closed.  The other tree still had plenty of leaves.  The other tree came back in the spring, the leafless one did not.  I told Ted I would trust him.  So when a tree dies, is it dried out right away?  No.  Of course not.  My realtor is not an arborist.

So before it was OK to replace the tree and now it's not?

And they replied:

I am sorry but no, you have signed in your contract that landscaping, trees or shrubs are not covered by warranty. 

So we’ve been leaving FACTUAL comments on their Facebook page(s).  I submitted a complaint to the Better Business Bureau.  I intend to call their corporate office once I get their number.  I’ve also stopped at the sales center Tuesday night and spoke with a salesperson, Mel.  I told him what was going on and that I intended to spread the word about my problems.  He was very empathetic, invited me into the sales center, in the living room, on the couch with concern in his voice.  He said he’d look into the situation and call me back.  As I type this on Wednesday evening, I’ve not heard back.  My guess is perhaps he tried to rectify it but higher-ups snuffed it.

Thursday morning: The garage door people are supposed to be here between 8 and 9am.  I’ve prescheduled a half hour PTO at work just in case.  As of 8:25 I’m left thinking I’ll probably need it.  This was all first reported December 21st.  Jan 13th they asked me to take a picture of the light coming in on the sides.  Jan 30th they asked if anyone ever came out about the garage door.  April 1st sent pictures of light.  If it wasn’t for blogging and email I’d never be able to keep this stuff straight.  I’m totally bad about writing notes about who/what/when.

2012-03-27 004

At 9:00am I called them.  I was told that the repair guy, Tim, was loading his truck now.  I said, “Really?  Just now?  You guys said between 8 and 9.  You said I’d be the first stop and just now he’s getting ready?  What’s he been doing since 8?”  Naturally that got a “Uhhh, well, we had some scheduling issues.  hold on.”  Suddenly Tim on the line.  He said he’d be over in a half hour.  I told him that wouldn’t work as then I’d be severely late.  He said he’d come after my work.  He agreed on about 5:45.  As of 6:51 he never showed up yet again.   Adams Homes and Haskell’s Hardware sucks.


  1. http://youtu.be/pR9gyloyOjM

    Have you watched that video? Heartbreaking situation. Get stuff in writing and make sure legal things are covered.

    1. Thanks Liz. That's exactly what I'm talking about. Even worse is not having control over someone in a coma or something. Horrible.

  2. Yes, get a lawyer. I just paid $650 for will, power of Atty and medical power of Atty. A lawyer will know what you need to protect yourselves. Amendment one goes into effect Jan 1st, and I will sleep better at night knowing we've done what we can.

    If you want more info, email me at flartus at Hotmail dot com.

  3. Duh, just move up here! FULL legal marriage for EVERYONE! Beautiful house next door to me for sale...you're 45 minutes from Boston, 45 minutes from Provincetown (the Gay Riviera!)...we can walk the dogs together, you can be my first personal training client; it'll just be a blast. FULL LEGAL MARRIAGE...Massachusetts, baby! Home of the pilgrims! (I'm totally serious. I mean the weather can suck sometimes but it's always sunny if you live next door to me...)

    1. Thanks Norma and you totally forgot about having a beautiful lawn and having a man that can recognize a dead tree when he sees it! Even more reasons!


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