5-22-12 Tuesday (Birthday Celebrations)

On Monday, Jim used a Groupon for a massage.  On Wednesday I redeemed mine for a massage.  Heavenly.

Thursday we left work a little early, packed up the car and drove to Atlanta for the weekend.  Jim’s nephew was celebrating his 1st birthday.  Jim’s mom and stepdad flew in from Florida for the occasion.  It was a great time.  Very relaxing.  Our nephew is so well behaved and so darn cute.  What a personality this kid has. 

2012-05-18 001

We didn’t have much of an internet connection there so at best I played Words with Friends.  I honestly didn’t miss the internet access as I thought I would.  It was a relaxing weekend of socializing.  We did get to the Georgia Aquarium where we caught a dolphin show.

2012-05-19 042

2012-05-19 066

Saturday evening it was gift opening time!

2012-05-19 108

Sunday morning we departed Atlanta and stopped in Augusta to check out a campground where we’re thinking about spending weekend getaways.  I know, last we were going to sell the RV.  We can’t make up our minds.  We’re like that you know.

Jim was out sick Monday with, let’s just say, tummy problems and leave it at that.  He went to the doctor and is on the road to recovery.

Sometime Monday afternoon, my throat became sore while at work.  I had that “oh shit” moment.  I got home, took some meds. 

Tuesday morning, Jim was back at work.  I felt disconnected from my body; I could barely feel my legs.  I felt zombie-ish.  I took some Day Quill and went to work.  By mid morning I felt pretty damn good.  I hoping to continue that feeling.

This upcoming week will be our staycation.  We’ll probably see a movie, get another massage, shop, do some projects around the house, etc.


  1. My goodness, your nephew is a cutie-pie :)

  2. They sure are making these 1-year olds bigger every year, I swear.

    Is that all you can say about the GA Aquarium? Have you been there already? I mean...million gallon tanks and whale sharks, oh my!

    Glad you all have defeated the latest round of the yucks. I'm glad you germy things are on the other side of town from me!

    1. We went through the aquarium so quickly. I think it's because everyone else had been there several times so they just breezed through the displays.


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