5-25-12 Friday (Growth Spurts)

For quite some time Dasher has had 4 growths here and there.  Vets have always said to leave them alone anytime we inquired.  Poor guy, one on his chest, on his penis, right at his asshole, and the last on his leg.  The one at his butt has grown over the years.  I’d say 4 or so different vest have checked out these “moles” and said not to worry about them. I spared you by not providing photos.

Thursday night I noticed some blood on one of Dasher’s pet beds.  I checked him out and found the actually the one on his chest seemed to have quadrupled in size virtually over night and was bleeding.  I (Jim was working a little late) took him to the Petsmart’s Banfield.  The doctor checked all 4 and said they should all be removed and sent out to the lab for diagnosis.  He was in serious need of a teeth cleaning and that the $400 to clean his teeth included the anesthesia and then he’d remove the growths.  He told me I should buy the Wellness Plan because it included a cleaning, discounts, vaccinations, etc.  I did the math and found it to be a good deal in my situation.  The plan will cost me $430 in payments for a year.  I agree and still get a bill for $500.  Huh?  The $400 he “quoted” didn’t include the cost per growth removal, the biopsy lab work, the pain pills, the collar, etc.  I was a little disappointed in the new estimate but after looking over the breakdown of the estimate, I was still content that the Wellness Plan was a benefit.  I signed on the dotted line and left Dasher behind for the night.

I got to thinking about the various vet opinions and perhaps the moles would still be fine if the one hadn’t gotten so big, gotten scratched or whatever and started to bleed.  I’d like to believe that my pet’s healthcare has been in good hands over the years.  They are professionals.

More thoughts came to mind.  My aunt lost a dog to anesthesia years ago.  It could happen.  If Dasher didn’t make it, Jim never got to say goodbye.  Did I make the right decision?

After work on Friday, I picked him up.  The operation was a success.  Even though I totally neglected his dental care, he had no teeth removed.  Care instructions: pills, soft food for a day or 2, collar/cone on for 10 days, return visit in 10 days for inspection of sutures.  We’re on vacation this week so the timing is good.

Poor Dasher was so groggy.  He was so sad.  The fur under his eyes was wet in lines where tears would have flowed.  I felt so sad.  I wanted to hold him but stitches on his chest made that impossible to do.  His surgical collar seemed to hit every doorway.  He couldn’t jump up into the Jeep or on the couch or bed because the collar got in the way.  He eventually got used to it by day 2.

2012-05-25 002

His first night was kind of rough.  He seemed constipated.  He tried several times to go.  He got out of bed several times in the middle of the night.  I let him out at 1, 2, 3 in the morning.  He whimpered here and there. 

Saturday he did much better.  He seemed happier.  We now call him “cone head”, “cone of shame”, “funnel face”, etc


  1. Glad everything went smoothly. The only time I've had to had Rosie put under was for a dental cleaning a year or two ago. She seemed fine when I picked her up, but by the time we got to the car I realized she was still loopy. It was pretty hilarious, actually. Of course, she didn't have a cone or stitches to deal with.

  2. The poor boo boo puppy! Hope the biopsies are clean & he doesn't have any recurrence.


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