5-6-12 Sunday (Informational Flyers)

Saturday was really laid back.  Jim is still recovering from his illness so he’s been relaxing.  At one point he took a long nap and I went to work on a “for sale” flyer for the house.

Adams Home for saleAbove: Click on it to open a new window and biggerize it.

It came out pretty good.  It could be better but I spent more time than I should have on it.  We’ll just chalk it off to entertainment.  The even sadder part is we live with those trims and paint jobs just the way it is.  We gave up on some of that.

I had to buy a new version of The Print Shop to make that.  Apparently my older version won’t work with Windows 7 anymore.  It’s OK because Amazon had it cheaper than the manufacturer.   Also on Amazon I found a $25 kit that I’ll hold off on ordering for now.


I really don’t want it to come to this.  I don’t want the innocent sales people in the model center to be affected.  This isn’t their battle.  I sent a copy of my flyer to the warranty woman at Adams Homes.  You’d think that with all this constant crap, Adams Homes would be up the sub’s asses making sure things got done.  Nope.

For whatever strange reason… probably because I’m strange… I decided to make a Facebook profile photo into a Fembot.  It was then that I realized that I’m old.  Sure I’m a mere 41 but in some circles, that’s old.  Old enough that younger generations have no idea what a Fembot is.  If this describes you then by all means, click on the link to see what it is.  I’ll wait.  We’ll all wait.  We want you to feel loved here.  Now hurry up.


Meanwhile… in our backyard…

2012-05-06 001

We watched it from the back door.  Once it spotted us, it just watched and watched until finally running away.

The Jeep’s brakes are now making scrubbing/grinding noises as if it’s metal to metal.  Seriously.  First I plan to see if their (Monro) computers are interconnected by location.  I’m thinking about bringing it in to another store and saying “I brought it to another shop and they can’t get them right.”  Then I’ll see what they say.  Jim wants me to demand all of our money back.  I’m so tired of it.

It seems to be avocado season or something.  They are so ripe and wonderful.  That means lots of guacamole.  So easy to make too:

2012-05-06 004

Avocadoes, salt, Pico De Gallo.  Yum!


  1. You know you'll eventually just have to take my cave advice, don't you? Bet you'll see more deer that way, too. (I'm guessing within a couple of hours we might all just decide to leave NC altogether anyway...I'm thinking Washington state.)

    Hey, when tomato season arrives, try making your own pico--it's super easy, just a bunch of chop chop chop, and if you get really ripe tomatoes, it tastes so much better.

    Glad Jim's feeling better!

  2. We used to make FRESH guacamole with roma tomatoes, fresh cilantro, etc. Too complicated.

    That whole Amendment 1 thing really burns me. Ignorant people.


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