6-1-12 Friday (Moody Elephants)


Jim and I had doctor’s appointments today.  It was time for a physical.  Jim, however, “forgot” to fast.  The doctor did everything else except for the blood and urine test.  He’ll have to go back in for that.  It’s really been a long time since I’ve went in for a physical.  Blood/urine lab tests, “how is everything”, say “ah”, looked in my ears, listened to my heart/lungs, took my weight, blood pressure and height.    He also felt glands in my neck.  Lab results should come back by Monday.

For lunch we went to Cheddar’s.  We’ve been there many times before.  Their food is good and their prices very fair.

I brought Dasher back to the vet.  Dasher managed to remove the stitches on his leg.  The vet said he can’t do anything else with the cone so we’ll have to watch him.  His penis and leg incision is getting infected so he prescribed a antibiotic and I have to clean the wounds twice a day.  Ugh.

Jim worked on a laundry room cabinet project.  

2012-06-01 015Above: He built and installed 2 cabinets from Ikea (left side). 

2012-06-01 016Above: Left side is litter (shown with a door open), and right side is cat food.  The cat enters where that laundry basket temporarily is (Jim will install a shelf), jumps up on the shelf and goes through the round holes on the left for litter and the right for food.  This keeps the dog out of the cat’s food and poop.

I finished up the curtains/sheers for the dining room.  What do ya think?

2012-05-31 0132012-05-31 012

Dinner was fantastic!  We went to the Cajun Queen with a Groupon in hand.  I looked at the menu prior to going and thought it was pretty limited.  Jim and I both got the Chicken Diane. 

Mushrooms, garlic, butter, green onions, parsley and our Queen's Magic spices - all sautéed together. Moderately spiced and served over rice.

Jim ordered his mild and I got mine regular.  The chicken was so tender and overall it was so flavorful.  We sat up on the roof top terrace where it was nice and quiet, not windy and the temperature seemed perfect. 

This definitely made up for our week of lack luster meals.  Awesome!


Wow.  Vacation is almost over. 

Jim hung the hardware needed to hang the new drapes for the guest bedroom too.  He gave them to me to wash and iron:

2012-06-01 001

I’ll show you the finished product later.

For lunch we went to Kennedy’s Premium Bar & Grill with another discount certificate.  I had the fish and chips and Jim had the Rueben.  We’d go back.  The food was good.

Next up, a Half Off Depot certificate for a Segway tour with Charlotte NC Tours.  We thought we were going to have issues with them since Jim had trouble scheduling.  They told Jim they’d only do a few coupons during every tour and the day we initially picked was at it’s maximum.     Jim was going to get our money back from Half Off Depot. The restrictions they placed on the coupon wasn’t agreed upon in the coupon’s term and conditions.  Jim accepted the alternate day. 

2012-06-01 0032012-06-01 004

Part of the tour took us through the Elmwood/Pinewood Cemetery.  We’ve been here before on a prior tour.  One of the highlights was this grave site belonging to a circus performer.  He was an elephant trainer in town for the traveling circus.  His elephant killed him.  You can read about it here if you want.

2012-06-01 006

After the tour, we popped over to Mert’s Heart and Soul for some Sweet Potato Cake.  We’ve been here plenty of times.  Their service absolutely sucks so we’ll only go for the cake anymore.  It was sooooo good.  Yum!

2012-06-01 0082012-06-01 007

For this evenings entertainment, with coupon in hand (need I even say that part anymore?) we went to the ConCarolinas.  It’s a Sci-Fi Convention.  We’re not typical convention goers so we tend to get bored during some of it or often don’t even understand it.  We went to a Walking Dead panel discussion.  That was fun.  The last one we went to had 2 actors from the show.  This one also had one.  Amber Chaney who played Hershel's wife as a Walker.  While researching her for the blog I also see she had a part in the Hunger Games.  You can click on her name if you want more info.

2012-06-01 015Above: Amber Chaney

2012-06-01 0122012-06-01 0142012-06-01 009

We also saw a show by the Blibbering Humdingers.  They were a lot of fun. 

The Blibbering Humdingers (aka "the Dingers" or "the Humdingers" "the BH") are a husband/wife wizard rock duo from Cary, NC. They play mostly comedic songs about Harry Potter and the wizarding world created by J. K. Rowling.

Hilarious music.

A very late dinner at Sticky Fingers and then home to bed.


  1. I missed the part in between all those restaurants where you went back to the gym. Ha ha--I should shut up, since I haven't been to the gym in weeks and spent most of today on the couch!

    Tell Jim I think the cat cabinet is brilliant. I hate litterboxes; what a great way to keep it contained. I give him the Better House & Garden seal of approval. (Well, I would, if my house & garden were Better.)

    1. The gym? Actually we're planning the whole work out, eat better thing again. I have indigestion all the time. I'm hideous.

      This is our 3rd cat cabinet. He built the first one himself. It was strong and low enough to put front load washer/dryer on top of it which meant no stooping for the laundry. Then in our next home we had it professionally built and once again put the washer and dryer on top of it. The hole for the cat to enter was between the units. We had 2 cats.

  2. That bathroom cabinet thingy is GENIUS!!! Dining room sheers look beautiful, too. I like all the pix of your house that you've shared.

    1. Thanks Norma. Even in our motorhome we had the cat litter and food in a separate "compartment".


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