5-3-12 Thursday (Guilted Gifts)

On Sunday I received a blog comment:


Crap, she was right.  I wasn’t even thinking about Mother’s Day.  The point of the gift was to be encouragement for feeling better.  Why give someone a gift as a get well?  What’s the message I’d be sending?  “Sorry you’re sick, here’s a gift.”  So I ordered the Kindle cover and had it shipped directly to my mom.  It’s a “glad you’re feeling better slash Mother’s Day” gift.

CoverGirls Adorable Cover For Kindles Nook Case Queen Betty Boop Appliqué Rhinestones So Cute Many Pockets

As for the cracked corn idea… I suppose next time.  I’m a city boy; what do I know? 

Jim and I went to the RV in the morning.  We jump started and charged the batteries.  We inflated the flat tire.  We ran the generator and RV engine while we went to Mimi’s for brunch with Ruby and Jamie.  We’ve gotten them hooked on Mimi’s.  I had a couple of Bloody Mary’s and damn they’re good.  With alcohol, it was an expensive brunch but we’re worth it.

Monday was uneventful.  Jim wasn’t feeling well and called out sick.  I had one of those moments, “awwww, I wanna stay home too.” but I went in.

Tuesday Jim stayed in bed again.  He’s just not feeling well and has had an upset tummy too.  I had an 8:00am appointment with the cabinet people.  At 8:30 I called for a status.  The dispatcher guy said he’d check into it and call.  The tech called back saying he went to the wrong community.  He arrived at 8:56. I was late to work.

One of the benefits my job provides is free legal advice.  I’ve asked if I would have any repercussions if I put a sign in the yard saying “Pray you don’t need warranty repairs” or as I’ve mentioned before do a twist on Adams Homes “Price… the ultimate amenity” with “Quality… the ultimate sacrifice”.  On Thursday the garage door repair people FINALLY called me.  Hey, I’ve only made this warranty request back on April 1st.  Nice.  Jim has started commenting on their Facebook pages about our unhappiness.  We’re keeping it clean:

I bought one of your homes in Charlotte, NC. The quality and service has been the worst I have ever experienced. I wish I had never bought it.

The shingle hasn’t been addressed.  As far as the dead tree in the yard, they said:

The landscaper also has gotten back to me and said it is per code they install the maple trees in the front yard and will not plant anything else.

I doubt that code has anything to do with a replacement tree.  At first we offered to pay for a magnolia tree and they take care of the labor.  Now I’m pretty much wanting them to pay for the tree and all.  It’s the least they can do.  Really.

The wine glasses arrived.  What a frickin’ disappointment.  2 wobble, 2 have warped stems.  That’s 4 out of 12 wine glasses.  I’d prefer to return them all, Jim wants to exchange the problem ones.  For glasses with an original price of $50 per 4… that my friends, is totally shitty.  Since he’s the one who really, really, really loved them, I told him that if left up to me, all of them would go back.  In other words, do what you want, leave me out of it.  I have enough on my plate with Adams homes and the recent Jeep repair tragedies. 

2012-05-04 003


  1. It's got to suck being so negative all the time. It's a wonder you have any friends.

    1. That was so negative. If I gave a shit about who you were I might have been offended. Since I'm not I'll leave the comment on here. Muah!

  2. Garrett, I agree, Ms/Mr Annoymous is a A.H. for sure. Hiding is a sign of cowardliness.
    You can't talk about the scent of flowers all day....real life happens and I appreciate your honesty.
    I just want you to know that I enjoy the good, bad and evil that you share. It's what we all know in life.
    Take care Bud.


    1. Thanks Mike! I'm thinking it's someone from the builder but who knows. It doesn't matter. I have plenty of posts with fun stuff. My life is awesome, I'm happy. I'm a critic, what can I say. I find most people enjoy my rants more than my boasts. LOL.


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