4-28-12 Saturday (Carol Anne’s Home)

I’ve been speaking to my Mom just about every other day.  I t had just hit me, she sounds great.  Many a time I’d call and she was in bed or would have the phone off the hook.   My Dad recently changed jobs, took a couple of weeks off, and worked hard at attending doctor’s appointments with my Mom to eliminate as many prescription drugs as possible.  Mom has a laundry list of medical woes including Fibromyalgia, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Thyroid this or that, etc.  I complimented my Mom on my realization; she said she felt good too.  This makes me happy.  She used to spend roughly 80% of her day in bed. 

My Dad bought a Kindle for her (she reads a lot).  I thought about getting a cover or pouch for her.  She loves cats and Betty Boop.  I can’t find anything like that through all my searches.  I found one Betty Boop cover on Etsy and it was $35 + shipping which I think is awfully steep.  I realize that Etsy is homemade stuff but still too steep for me.  I’ll continue my search.

03611045_ziJim bought a bunch of clear wine glasses from TJ Maxx or some where like that.  The problem, they mysteriously cloud.  I have put them in the dishwasher, scrubbed them, used vinegar, and used alcohol, but they clean up real nice and then a month or 2 later I find that they’re cloudy all over again.  I’m sure this house was built on an ancient Indian burial ground and the bodies were never moved.  That would explain a lot.  In the meantime, we give up.  Jim and I saw these wine glasses at Dillards a couple of months ago. 

We love ‘em.  Mikasa.  They were $50 for 4.  Jim kept watching stalking The Dillard’s website and eventually it dropped in price!  It went from $50 to $23.44.  We bought 3 sets.

4e80cdf953e99If you’ve been reading this blog you’d know that I love wildlife.  When I see it I’m absolutely fascinated.  I love the fox and the deer around here.  Naturally I want the deer to come around so I bought some $30 bucket of deer food attractant. 

We’ve had this for about a week but it’s been rainy here lately so perhaps it’s slowing down the attractant?  This bucket was $30 and it had better work or back to Walmart it goes.

Our friend Beth likes the way Jim and I (as in Jim really), accessorized the tops of the kitchen cabinets.  She asked us to help her with hers.  90% of the decorating was Jim’s touch so I stepped out of the way.  He and Beth went shopping all day Saturday.  It’s like he was an interior designer, spending someone else’s money to decorate someone else's home.  Once finished shopping, I joined them at Beth’s home and watched the decorating in progress.

2012-04-28 009Above: A table full of stuff

2012-04-28 011Above: A good start.

2012-04-28 015

Above/Below: Finished

2012-04-28 018

The other day Jim noticed a loose shingle.  Ugh, will it ever end?  I added that to the Adams Homes repair list.

2012-04-26 007


  1. What? $30 for fancy deer treats and you won't spend $35+ for a gift for your mother? Sheesh. It's almost Mother's Day; splurge a little.

    Next time just go buy some cracked corn. The deer will find you.

  2. lol i wish i would have read this earlier i would have made one for you!

    1. Thanks Amy! Very sweet of you. Mom got it and likes it.


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