4-22-12 Sunday (Trade An RV For A Cruise Ship?)

ClipSaturday: Although I have worked in the automotive industry for years, I simply have no interest in cars.  Jim really wanted to go to the Food Lion AutoFair.  Knowing I’d be miserable and I’d probably whine, he went by himself.  I drove him there, went food shopping and then picked him up when he was done.  The weather was perfect and he enjoyed himself.  Better he than me.

imageI stopped off at BJs and checked out their cameras.  They had a Canon PowerShot ELPH 310 HS with an 8X optical zoom on clearance for $215.  It’s smaller than the Nikon.  I liked our previous Canon we had on our RV’ing trip that took over 5,000 photos!  Unfortunately their display didn’t provide power to the cameras for me to test them out.  I bought it, took it home, charged the battery and took a bunch of photos to see how it did.  I like it.  It stays.  Now I have a Nikon sitting at the Nikon repair center awaiting my repair authorization for $110.  Should I abandon it?  Should I sell it?  I’m not sure what to do.  It cost $258 back in March 2011.

Although Monro said they’d have no problem having the Jeep done for today, they called us letting us know they needed more time with it.  Eric was worried about rusted bolts not coming out well.  I warned him – “Fine but here’s my expectations.  You need to start it today so that you have enough time to complete for tomorrow.  I must have it back.”

We met up with Beth for dinner at Intermezzo, that Serbian restaurant we’ve eaten at before.  We had dessert at some local ice cream shop. Mmmmmm.

Sunday: We went to the RV this morning.  The plan, give it to Jamie to do some repairs on. The reality, not so much.  It wouldn’t start.  I guess the last time Jim disconnected the battery it was still touching and caused them to be dead.  I checked the tire pressures and found 1 not reading.  It might be flat but we need to be able to pull the jacks up once we can get power.  We said screw it all and went to the breakfast with Ruby and Jamie.  Jim and I have decided to get rid of the RV.  We’ll save $1200 a year.  We can buy a lot of hotel time with that.  This was one of those “that’s it” instances.  I think once we sell it I’ll probably cry.  I almost got emotional telling Jamie about our decision.  There’s so many memories attached to it.  Some not so good but most definitely wonderful.  We’ll miss that TURD

Breakfast at Denny’s.  Ya know, I can’t remember Denny’s having so many breakfast choices.  I had their skillet and wasn’t impressed but I won’t write them off just yet.  There’s other things to try.  We talked about selling the RV and putting the money away for a bumper-pull trailer in the future.  Maybe some of it we’ll use for a cruise to Alaska!

imageimageI was messing with my new camera, tweaking the settings, reading the manual and saw something about how it operates when using an “Eye-Fi” card.  I was intrigued.  It’s an SD memory card with wi-fi built in.  It will let you upload photos straight from your camera to the internet be it Facebook, blogs or whatever.   Have you seen how small an SD card is?  It’s truly amazing.  It got me thinking about DVD/CD.  How have we evolved into such remarkable stuff and still use CD/DVD’s that scratch or can get a fingerprint on it and cause it to skip?  Every time I have to handle a DVD I think about how delicate it really is.  They should have combined that technology with a 3.5” hard sided floppy.  Or many just use memory cards?

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