4-14-12 Saturday (Pa Went To PA)

As you may know, I open bank accounts and take credit applications over the phone like one of them there Time Life Operators.

imageFor the record, that’s not me.

I deal with different people all over the country.  I guess that’s an obvious statement since it would be hard to deal with the same people all over the country.  I’ve determined that Pennsylvania is the only state where it’s dwellers refer to the state as “PA”.  MOST people from there just don’t say the full state name.  Why is that?  “Philadelphia, PA”  Can they not pronounce said state?  Others don’t say “CA” or “NY” so what gives?  Perhaps my “PA” friend Joanie can chime in?

Another interesting statewide phenomenon is Massachusetts.   When these people speak their state, they’ll say “mass”.  What’s with that? 

Let’s talk about big boy words versus little boy words?  Frist off, my grandmother on my mom’s side is called “Nanny” by me and the rest of the family.  We don’t call her “granny”, “grandma”, “nanna” or whatever.  BUT when I’m referring to her in a professional sense or even outside of the family, it’s “my grandmother…”.  I spoke with a man from Alabama the other day.  When I see a client’s state come up as “Alabama” I immediately think idiot.  See another example here.  I know that’s wrong.  I’m from NY and everyone thinks “rude”.    It’s like all gays are effeminate and want to be a woman.  It’s a stereotype.  We know the various stereotypes.  Perhaps all people from Alabama are idiots is not a stereotype around the world but rather one I’ve concocted based on the clients I’ve spoken to?  I’m done back peddling I suppose so I’ll share with you what I’ve encountered.  I was taking a home equity application from a man with a big ole Alabama accent.  I asked if he had a mortgage on the property and he went on to say, “no, it’s all been paid for.  It was my Granpappy’s land.  When my Granpappy passed on, he left it to me.”  Granpappy?  Really?   I know, so judgmental.  Maybe just mental even.

OK, I’m done picking on other states… for now.

(Announcer voice) “It’s time for a Tire Kingdom update!”  As you know, we dropped off the BMW Friday evening.  On Saturday Jim had to call them at 1.  The guy said he’d call back in an hour.  As typical, it seemed that no one had looked at the car yet.    At about 3 Jim called them again reminding them that they’ve had the car for hours, it’s a recheck and he wasn’t called back as promised.  They said they were still trying to figure out what’s wrong with it.  Figure out what?  Jim had already pointed out the part that was broken.  Jim called Tire kingdom customer service and gave them an ear full.  A manager would call him in 24-48 business hours.  The local store called back and said they’d order the $30 part and there would be no charge.  We picked up the BMW.  We’ll need to bring it back during the week.

We dropped the Jeep off at Monro.  I told the assistant manager that the brakes squeal on nearly every stop.  He agreed that he heard it the last time we brought it in to have the oil dye added.  I suggested that the brake pads might be inferior since they came with a cheap set of calipers.  I’m basically giving these f-ing people another chance.  Chance number 7 or something.  I just want the oil leak and brakes fixed.  (Deep ass sigh).


  1. You sure that isn't you? Because it's how I kinda pictured you...

  2. My father is called "Tampa". Why you ask? Well, I will tell you since you asked. When my son Steven was just learning to talk my parents went to Florida for the winter. He started to ask, Where is Grampa? I answered he with the location, Tampa. He thought I was correcting him and the name stuck forever.

  3. Here in "Mass," Garret, we are far too busy and in a rush to say the whole world "Massachusetts," K? We shorten it for all our important locations: Mass Ave (Massachusetts Avenue), the Mass Pike (or just The Pike, for Massachusetts Turnpike, I-90 to the rest of ya) and so on. If the name of a town or neighborhood is too time consuming, we abbreviate that as as well; e.g., "Dorchester" is "Dot" to the locals. Face it, we are important here and we don't have time to waste. So the next time you have to speak to an applicant from The Commonwealth of Massachusetts and they are behaving like a MassHole (yes, that is a real term and you will see lots of bumper stickers proclaiming that the owner of the car is such) just remember that we are The Hub and The Home of the Bean and the Cod and that's just the way it is. Muah!

    1. Ahhhh, thanks for the insight. So it's a matter of importance rather than laziness. Good to know. You have typed the word Massachusetts so many times that now it doesn't look right. Thank goodness for spellcheck.

  4. I've been very bad about reading blogs for months now and only just saw this one. I'd be happy to comment.

    Um... we just do. Because we're too lazy to say Pennsylvania. We also measure distance by time (I'm an hour, not 40 miles northwest of Philly ... too lazy to say Philadelphia too)


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