4-13-12 Friday (Wasting Time)

So what’s irking you these days?  Uh huh.  I see.  Sure.  Yeah, well thanks for sharing, let’s talk about me.  I hardly ever get to talk about me.

Rant Cloud Animated - Fast 

1- Monro Muffler/Brake.  Oy.  The Jeep brakes are squealing.  The oil leak has been diagnosed as no problem, then a problem, and then no problem.  We stopped in there last weekend to have them add dye to the oil.  We plan to go in there this weekend and have them rediagnose.  As for the brakes?  I really want a refund on all that we’ve paid.  Then I’m thinking, maybe it’s the brake pads.  They came with the calipers and perhaps they’re not a good quality?  Monro gives me a headache.  Bringing the Jeep back depends on when the car is repaired… see below.

2- Tire Kingdom.  Oy part two.  The BMW has been to that shop many times.  There’s a rubbing creaking noise in the front end on bumps.  We originally brought in for a rattle and paid money to have that fixed.  Apparently the cost for repairs included a free trade in of rattles for creaks.  Recently Jim discovered that the headlights aren’t moving in conjunction to steering like it used to.  I think it’s called adaptive headlights.  Good ole Google to the rescue.  He found that some part that connects to the control arm is what adjusts them.  We looked under the car and it’s either disconnected (was never reconnected during Tire Kingdom’s repair) or broken.  We dropped it off tonight for them to have at it tomorrow.

3- Adams Homes.  Good Lord why do they suck so much?  I emailed them on April 1st:

Misty, a few items.
1-  The tree in our front yard appears dead.  It appeared dead during our final walkthrough.  Ted assured us it was fine.  The tree near the garage has budded but the other has not.  We'd be willing to replace the tree with a magnolia or such that we supply if you'll take care of the labor to plant it?
2-  The garage has light showing at the side door as well as the garage itself.  The side door is the lower side and the garage door looks (when compared to the other side) like the door frame isn't close enough to the garage frame?
3-  The construction barrier (black cloth) was left behind at the back edge of our property.  We'd like to have that removed.
4-  One kitchen cabinet door creaks. We can see the door rubbing against the frame.

She replied on the 3rd:

Hello, I did receive your email and just wanted to touch base with you.  I will send a request to the landscaper that they need to look at the tree and I am sure they would offer to plant a new one if needed.  I will also see if they can remove the black silt fence from the back of the lot, s long as it is not serving any purpose that should be fine.  I will have Pro Build contact you about the garage door going to the house and RCS (?) about the garage door itself.  (Thanks for the pictures, that is very helpful!)  And lastly, Masco will contact you about the cabinet door.  Hope everything else is going well and please let me know if you don’t hear from these subcontractors. 

It’s now the 13th and I’ve not received a call from any subs.  It’s bad enough that I will either need to take time off work or switch with someone at work causing me to work less than desirable hours but then this lack of communication to occur?  Damn.

Between Monro, Tire Kingdom and Adams Homes, they are complete and utter time suckers. 

Thanks for asking, I’ll be sure to update you over the weekend…


  1. You should live in a cave and walk to work. There, all your problems solved. Now, let's get back to me...


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