4-8-12 Sunday (This Blog Post For The Hearing Impaired)

imageYeah I know the title clearly states Sunday, however, I must fill you in on Saturday first.  Saturday we stopped by Monro to have them add dye to the oil.  Jim is also hearing the brakes squeal pretty much all the time.  I can’t seem to hear them.  I think it’s the pitch. 

For dinner we went to Piano Man with a Groupon or something that Jim had bought.  Piano Man is a dueling piano sing along bar.  The food?  Well, it was bar food.  The pianists took requests and most of the time were able to accommodate.  Sometimes they didn’t know the lyrics or music and had to pass on it.  I was impressed with their knowledge of songs without sheet music.  We enjoyed ourselves and we’ll be back.

That was Saturday.  See, that wasn’t too bad.

On Sunday (Easter), Mike and Billy met us at our house at about 8ish.  We headed to breakfast at McDonalds.  Before we left I needed to use the rest room.  The men’s room had 1 stall and 1 urinal.  There was a big ole pile of crap in the urinal.  Gross.  I decided to wait until the next pee-pee stop.  Jim did stop at the counter to let them know.  I guess someone had to really go.

We continued on toward Chimney Rock state park.  The last time we were there was in October.  It was nice to do the drive during a different season.  We stopped at an Ingles grocery store and picked up subs.  They weren’t very friendly at the deli.

The drive all in all was about 2 hours.  On the previous visit we had done Chimney Rock itself, this time we were there to see the falls.

2012-04-07 026Above: Mike, Billy, Jim and Garret

2012-04-07 006Above: The falls!

2012-04-07 009Above: Garret and Jim

2012-04-07 015Above: Jim & Garret

2012-04-07 019Above: Mike & Billy

We stopped at one of the park’s pavilions and ate our subs.  What a great time, great company and definitely a unique way to spend our holiday!


  1. Love your bunny ears.
    Now you can call McDonalds what we do. McDumps.
    We went to Seneca Lake and had a picnic for Zombie Jesus Day, I mean Easter. I was very nice also.

    1. Zombie Jesus Day... when I read that I laughed out loud!

  2. Thank you for the bunny ear pix! :) Cutie.
    Now, do you mean someone had taken a shit in the urinal?


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