4-25-12 Wednesday (Attention Getters)

I interrupt your week to bring you fun photos.  No big stories really.

2012-04-25 001Above: A few weeks ago I bought rabbit ears and wore them at work and during our Easter hike.  Well I also bought 2 of these hair-on-clip things.  I clipped them to my headset and wear them from time to time.  Attention whore?  Perhaps.  Don’t be jealous of removable hair.  My coworkers think I’m nutty.  I’m OK with that.

2012-04-23 005Above: I ordered something online.  It arrived.  Jim snapped a photo of it’s final delivery.  Really.  It reminds me of thereifixedit.failblog.org

2012-04-23 006Above: An elevator inspection certificate at work (I don’t have an elevator in my home, not yet anyway).  The Commissioner of Labor’s name is Cherie Berry.  The inspector’s name is William H William.  Welcome to North Carolina.


  1. I want to make a snarky comment about inbreeding but can't think of anything funny right now.

    1. Inbreeding cause of the postal photo or of me? I realize both may apply.

    2. Inbreeding amongst North Carolinians.

  2. William William. AKA Bill Bill. :)


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