4-12-12 Thursday (Squishy Cameras)

Tragedy has befallen me.  Sometime on Saturday, prior to our Easter Sunday outing, I broke my camera.  I can’t have anything nice. 


I had it in the front pocket of my jeans.  I think when I was getting in and out of the car, I squished it.  I’m such a fat ass.  There, I said it.  I’m going to mail it to Nikon and hope for an inexpensive repair.

On Sunday, I used my camera phone and Mike &  Billy’s camera to take pictures.

On Monday night I was standing at the kitchen sink and spotted a fox in the back yard.  He was just on the other side of the fence.  I’m so glad we got chicken wire fencing back there to spot the critters.  Jim and I were able to watch it for about 10 minutes.  I couldn’t get any photos because of my broken camera.  I was bummed.

I ordered and received an egg display stand.  With shipping it was under $6.  I think it might be a little large for the egg or the egg a little small for it.  Either way it looks good so unless I stumble on something better, I’ll keep it as is.  It adds a color to the shelf with our crystal stuff.  Here’s a camera phone photo:


After I post a blog entry, I sometimes view the stats of who/what/when occurred on the blog.  Again, keywords that attract people to the blog are forever amusing.  Here’s 2 recent hits:

Pole Dancers“pole dancers for jesus”

What the hell?  Really?  That search came from the United Kingdom.  Next up:

Indian Drag“indian drag queen photos”

I don’t remember what country that came from.  Maybe it was India?  If I hover over the flag it tells me but it was several days ago when I took a snapshot and now finally blogging about it.  That one was particularly funny because it occurred seconds after viewing the first one. 

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