4-20-12 Friday (Walking Calmly To Your Death)

On Sunday Monro called stating they replaced the semi-metallic brake pads with ceramic.  He said something like, “the oil leak is from the rear main seal and definitely something we didn’t replace.”  Very calmly and politely I said, “You might want to review invoice # xxxxx”.  After a minute or two he said, “Oh.  OK.  Well then we’ll be replacing that at no charge.”  We have to bring it back yet again.


We spent a good portion of the day cleaning out the hot tub.  Drain, scrub, fill.  We scrubbed the front and rear patio furniture as well as the grill cover and other patio things.  Jim even cleaned the trashcans. 

On Tuesday I emailed Adams Homes that no subs had called me.  No reply.  On the 19th I email the same person again and her coworkers.  On the 20th I receive:

I am sorry for the delayed response, I have been here I have just had problems with my computer since last Friday.  Dana asked me if I saw this yet and printed a copy for me.  I have sent out new requests this afternoon and have stressed that this needs to be taken care of ASAP.  Sorry again for the delay!

They piss me off.

imageOn Thursday we had a fire drill at work.  We don’t know when a fire drill will occur.  Common sense dictates that we don’t know when a real fire will occur either.  Unless you’re the pyro that started it I guess.  A few thoughts on this: The other day while looking through my scripts database, I saw that My Big Ass Bank has a script to read in the event of an evacuation.  It’s not that it says I must read it or get fired or anything but thoughts do run through my mind pertaining to the absolute humor in it.  “I’m sorry ma’am, could you repeat that?  There’s a fire alarm blaring in the background.” (question repeated) “That’s a great question, could you hold for a moment”.  (reading through database looking for script).  “Ma’am thanks for holsdsadsa.  Pardon me”.  (takes a sip of water, throat gets awfully dry when starting to inhale smoke). “Sorry about that.” (reads scripts pertaining to having to get off the phone, asks for customer’s phone number stating I’ll call back).

My other humorous observation about this fire drill is that we all got up and asked each other if we thought it was still raining.  I grab my umbrella.  I “lock” my computer.  I grab my cell phone which was charging.  I wait for my coworker Ja-Nessa.  Everyone looks perfectly calm and slowly walks to the nearest exit.  Out to the parking lot we go.  What if it had been a fire on the floor below us?  They say people die during emergencies from trampling one another to get out?  Uhhhhh, I think we’d all die dilly-dallying.  I didn’t want to be THAT person that exits nervously asking others to excuse me as I pass them in the stairwell.  People, it’s a fire alarm.  Hello? 

If you’d like to see last year’s fire drill during the Rapture result with humorous commentary, by all means, click here.  I magical new window will open powered by fairy dust.

On Friday after work we dropped the Jeep off to Monro’s for the oil leak repair.  Jim bought a Living Social coupon for $30 at Zada Jane’s Corner Café so we went there for dinner.  The coupon was for 1 appetizer, 2 entrée’s and 1 dessert.  They offered a filet (we think it was 8 oz) as a special so we ordered that.  We got about $70 worth of food for $30.  It was an excellent deal and most importantly delicious.  for the appetizer:

Kool Kip’s Nachos - A Zada Jane’s Favorite!
Organic blue corn chips heaped with grilled veggies,
black beans, roasted corn, pepperjack queso,
layered with chopped lettuce, finished with sour cream, guacamole
and our own delicious salsa !

Holy crap that was tasty.  The filet’s were undercooked so we sent them back.  The staff was so apologetic about it and it was worth the wait.  They had a great flavor.  The deal included one dessert but they all sounded so good we paid for an extra.  We got a chocolate chip pecan pie and a strawberry cake.  They were delish!  When the check arrived we weren’t charged for the other dessert.  I think she missed it.  We pointed it out to the server and she corrected it.  We were already getting a good deal, I wouldn’t want her to get in trouble and karma is a bitch.  We later found out that we weren’t charged for our soft drinks either.   Too late on that one. We’ll go back.  It’s charming, the staff is awesome and the food was great.

Using my annoying proofreading super powers I caught a spelling error on their menu:


Yes, I know my blog entries have errors (Jim catches them… when he actually reads it) but I think in a professional sense it’s more important. 

Lastly, I got my camera mailed in and received an emailed estimate of about $110.  I might just buy a new one.  That one is a little bigger than I would have liked and at times unresponsive during the time I needed the photo NOW.  It also takes too long to do whatever it needs to during start up.  I’ll shop around this weekend.


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