8-27-11 Saturday (Are You Prepared?)

First, a house update.  The builder didn’t get the damaged wood floors replaced as quickly as they thought.  Apparently through some sort of concrete moisture test, the flooring company said it isn’t ready for the new floor quite yet.  So far, this has delayed the appraisal as well as the inspection.  The flooring is torn apart and looks pitiful.  Sigh.

2011-08-28 012

Every couple of weeks a supervisor will walk by and hand out chips or candy… just because.   So Monday, supervisors came by with a two level cart filled with chips, cookies and candy.  It seemed a little excessive as compared to previous offerings but my junk-food-loving-self, smiled and graciously accepted.  Tuesday, supervisors came by with Good Humor icecream.  I thought to myself, self, cause I often call myself that, what’s going on?  A little later I see other people walking the halls with carts of icecream, assumedly to bring to their teams.  Hmmmmm, there must be something going on.  By the end of the day I find out it is employee appreciation week aka feed you fattening foods week. The idea was awesome and welcomed but they missed their mark.  It took me almost 2 days of asking people here and there to find out what the occasion was.  Perhaps I wasn’t told directly that I was appreciated because I was on a phone call?  Maybe I missed the email?  Was there a sign hanging somewhere?  I thank them back for what they do, but as I said I think they missed their mark.

On Thursday, we were treated again.  A couple of supervisors came to my cubicle.  The first thing I saw was someone holding a stack of small Dixie cups.  My first thought was, “oooooo shots!”  Then the cart appeared.  Nachos!  Yep, hot gooey cheese and chips.  The cup?  It provided a small cup of jalapeños peppers. 

2011-08-25 048


On Friday, I came into work and found left over Bojangles and Dunkin’ Donuts from the morning’s employee appreciation.  I ate a cold sausage biscuit.  It was still yummy though.  Later in the day they received another delivery of Bojangles.  Even more later in the day I had indigestion.  Good times.


When I told Jim about all these “gifts”, his reaction was, “so, they gave you food when you work in a call center and have to be on the phones?”  It was a nice break, I enjoyed it.  Perhaps I’m a nerd.

Oh, by the way, I packed two more boxes!  It felt good!  It felt awesome to continue forward with this house.  That’s it.

Just a side note…  I found this website which happens to be from the CDC!  It’s funny they’d have this zombie preparedness for an apocalypse link. 



  1. I would have thought they were getting ready to close the place and this was their way of softening the blow. Never would have thought employee appreciation!!!! You are right. They missed the mark.
    Of course, I always think the worst. :>(

  2. Jodie, with 10,000 employees in my building, I should hope not. Oy.

  3. All they need to do is tape a sign to the cart... that would tell you what you need to know!

    Awesome that they do something for employees. Too many workplaces don't appreciate the workers they ahve.

  4. That last photo is kind of creeping me out.

    Free food for a job well done? Always appreciated!

  5. Good to see you had no hurricane related issues.


  6. I read your blog regularly and your humor/sarcasm cracks me up. I have noticed several things they did differently building your house from when our house was built, for example, our kitchen was painted before they put up the cabinets and banister and trim was put in place. I thought that was odd that they did not do that for your house. Testing the dryness of the concrete floor seems like a no- brainer before you put the floor down. What did they do about that drainage problem on your driveway? GS in Ohio.

  7. "We appreciate you--have some unhealthy food that will kill you!"

    Well, but the truth is, nothing gets people excited like free food. The best motivation I've ever found for classroom participation. Maybe you should offer candy to the painters.

  8. hello garret. the best part of employee appreciation week was discovering i can read your blog at work.....some mornings while eating bojangles and others with a mouth full of stale chips and "cheese" with a peculiar texture. here's to you, sir.

  9. @Liz: That would have been a good idea!

    @Joanie: LOL.

    @Derek: None at all. Not even rain!

  10. @GS: Thanks! We thought the same about painting after the cabinets. This is the second home we've built so we've noticed some differences. The banister was installed, then removed, stained and then reinstalled. Not sure why.

    The driveway issue is being "disputed". We emailed them that the ditch they created wasn't acceptable. It's ugly and a trip hazzard. We're waiting to see what they'll do.

    Thank you so much for commenting!

  11. @Flartus: I guess whta else could they give us? I so laughed out loud about the candy-painters comment! I love your suggestions!

  12. @Josh: LOL! I didn't know I could access it at work! It used to be blocked! Now go open a 18th checking to separate fast food bills from restaurant bills.

  13. Wow! That had to take them a lot of time to pass out food to all those employees!


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