8-13-11 Saturday (Whatever)

Saturday sucked.  Jim departed before me to head to the house.  For some of the speaker outlets he installed, he needed to put covers on them to pass inspection.  I got ready for work and decided I wanted to see the new carpeting that was installed.  On my way I decided to call my mom and dad.  My screen wouldn’t come on.  I tried and tried.  Turned out the phone was so dead (battery).  I thought the whole thing had died.  After all, I had just removed it from the charger.  I still don’t know why that happened.

I met Jim at the house, it’s so nice.  Based on news from our loan person at NACA yesterday, Jim and I are just trying to remain UNexcited.  A new email from him reveals:

We will do our best. All I know is that NACA has already applied for its broker license as national Headquarter mentioned to us yesterday. I do know it takes some time, as the NCCOB stated, and all I mentioned was, just the worst case scenario possible, since I always prepare for the worst, and whatever comes out will better .
NO one is trying to push/rush closing, and I know u must have inspection, must be cleared by our rehab department first, but I just needed to give u heads up. NCCOB has extended our exempt status b/c they must investigate/takes time to obtain a broker license.
Anyway, you know I always to my best and will continue to do so, in a timely manner, and we will be able to close, only when our rehab department states ALL repairs (if any) required by the inspector has been done by the builder. .

So I’m confused.  Is the original date the extended date or has it been further extended since yesterday’s news?  Jim and I’s word of the week “whatever”.  Here’s some house photos:

2011-08-13 006Above: Stairs going up.  The rails still need stained.

2011-08-13 002Above: 1 of the guest rooms.  Who will be first?  Probably Jim’s Grandmother.

2011-08-13 003Above: Upstairs guest bath.

2011-08-13 004Above: Master bedroom

2011-08-13 005Above: Living room, dinette and kitchen.  Wood floors are protected with cardboard.

I got to work and realized I forgot my security badge at home.  I had to leave the entrance I normally go in, go to the main entrance and check in at the guard shack.  Then I’m supposed to go to the main entrance of the building and get a bright orange sticker (temporary badge aka badge of shame).  I skipped that part and snuck in and out of the building all day by having coworkers illegally swipe their badge to let me in through the unmanned doors.  I’m such a rebel. 

Without my badge, I also didn’t have my desk key.  Oh and I forgot the ring I wear every day at home.  THEN I got to my desk and realized my phone was missing.  I had to have someone let me in and out of the building again and there it was on the car seat.  It fell off.

My Saturday at work sucked.  The customers sucked.  They were rude.  Several of them didn’t make any sense.  I thought perhaps it was phone-a-friend-day from the psychiatric ward.  A woman who kept me on the phone for an hour told me all about the 15 cats she had… most kittens.  I was able to bring her back to reality and discuss business for all about 3 minutes each time and then it was back to talking about cats.  Imagine, or not, the smell in that house. That’s just one story out of the 4-5 weird or rude customers I had.

The day was truly off.  Full moon?  Not sure.

Jim went to check out a 2 year old washer and dryer set off Craigslist.  He got the set for $240.  What a deal.  He verified the washer’s operation on site with the owner by hooking it up to a garden hose.  With a lack of a 220v connection, we weren’t able to test the dryer so here’s hoping.  Jim researched and found a new comparable set for $1100-1300.  He did good!


So Jim snapped the picture below on his way to/from the Craigslist purchase place.

CemetaryAbove: Cemetery and playground?  Uhhhh creepy.

Fun Craigslist photos coming for tomorrow…


  1. You nailed it. Saturday was the full moon. So hopefully it won't be the same weirdos next week.

    I like your custom-fit cardboard floor. Very...recyclable.

  2. I've had lots of those kinds of days lately. Sooooo over it.

    Sorry the house thing is being a pain.

    Cemetary playground.... creeeeeeepy.

  3. I thought perhaps it was phone-a-friend-day from the psychiatric ward.

    Wrong. You didn't hear from me on Saturday. Case closed.

    House is gorgey. Everything looks so fresh and clean and crisp. You are going to love it there. I can just tell.

    And that photo of the playground adjacent to the sprawling cemetery? Other than being an epic design fail, it reminds me of this Robert Herrick poem:

    Gather ye rosebuds while ye may,
    Old Time is still a-flying:
    And this same flower that smiles today
    To-morrow will be dying.
    The glorious lamp of Heaven, the sun,
    The higher he's a-getting,
    The sooner will his race be run.
    And nearer he's to setting.
    That age is best which is the first,
    When youth and blood are warmer;
    But being spent, the worse, and worst
    Times still succeed the former.
    Then be not coy, but use your time,
    And while ye may, go marry:
    For having lost but once your prime,
    You may for ever tarry.


  4. That's my and Alix's guestroom. Jodie and Ross too. Love the cemetary/playground. The house looks beautiful. Sorry about the bad day.

  5. @Flartus: It really was a full moon? That's scary that I could pin that on a moon and didn't even know it.

    @Liz: "Sooooo over it." My thoughts exactly.

    @Boozy: A definite buzzkill. Thanks for the poem though.

    @lisa: Plenty of guest-roominess!

  6. From what I understand the photos of everyone in hats was sent to some leadership dept or something like that for them to vote.


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