8-7-11 Sunday (Waffle Fuel)

It’s been a pretty laid back weekend.  While I was at work on Saturday, Jim packed and organized some stuff for the move.  We ordered a pizza, and caught up on some TV shows we had recorded.

Sunday we went to Ruby’s house for brunch.  Jim and I brought Mimosa supplies.  I also broke down and bought a waffle maker.  It was under $30 for it at Walmart so what the hell?  We brought that, along with syrup and the batter which I had prepared at home ahead of time.  They came out yummy.  I had a Mimosa and Ruby’s wonderful Bloody Mary.  I made all the waffles, stood there with a great buzz… like I was in my own world… making waffles… one after another… I actually had fun. 

2011-08-07 008Above: Waffle making fuel.  Mmmmmm.  And yes, it has pickled okra in it.

2011-08-07 009Above: My new waffle iron.

2011-08-07 010

Above/Below: Ruby’s child, Little.

2011-08-07 011


2011-08-07 012

Above/Below: Beth, obviously not appreciating my photographic tendencies.

2011-08-07 013

After brunch, we departed and went to BJs for some supplies.  We also went to a Sears Clearance Outlet center.  We looked at a few washers/dryers/refrigerators.  I snapped some photos of what we liked along with the model numbers so we could research them with our Consumer Reports subscription. 

2011-08-07 016

2011-08-07 014

The prices seem awesome.  Each item indicates if it was a return, defective/repaired, last one, floor model, etc and still has it’s warranty.  I think I’d like to buy them from here rather than Craigslist.  I’ve had bad luck with Craigslist while job hunting and today Jim experienced a scam.  Craigslist has a free stuff category.  It’s made for people who are putting things out to the curb and giving everyone warning that if you’d like it, take it.  Or instead of putting it to the curb, it’s still in their garage or storage unit and you can pick it up and take it for no cost.  Well Jim emailed someone who was giving up old kitchen counters.  The woman said someone else had replied… well see it all here:

ScamAbove: Click to big-a-fy.

I hate Craigslist… most of the time.

As we finished up our shopping, we called Deanna and Beth and told them we’d be going to the new house for a tour.  They had previously expressed an interest to see it’s progress.  We met up at the house and strolled around.  Here’s some photos:

4Above: Living room.  All of the holes on the back wall are for audio/video equipment.

5Above: Dining room.  We did not get to pick out the chandelier so it will probably “go”.  And yes, I know, some people think it strange to have a dining room as the first room.  We like it.  We’re strange.

6Above: Our gorgeous banister and rail!  The builder will stain it to match the wood floors.  The stairs will be carpeted (budget reasons).  That little section of iron is $600!  Was it worth it?  We think so.

1Above: We have house numbers and a garage door!

2Above: Our can lights and cabinetry.

3Above: Huge kitchen.

That’s all I got!


  1. Did you add some Ol'Roy grilled strips to the waffles?
    Your house is soooo amazing. Can't wait to see it finished and furnished.

  2. mmmm...pizza...

    I can't cast aspersions on your $600 banister, as we're about to get a custom closet system with $45 drawers and $30 valet rods. It's all worth it though, because I know you'll be jealous. :D

    Also, I highly recommend the French-door style fridges. But I can also say one of my coworkers got a fridge from that Sears outlet that cost him one headache after another. He went almost a month before they admitted they couldn't fix it and got a replacement. So...buy carefully there.

  3. @Jodie: Well duh, what else does one do with Ol'Roy strips?

    @Flartus: Don't post any photos of your closet... I've spoken with all of your followers and no one wants to see them.

    On the fridge, I'll love a French door one but they're a lot more money. We just have too much to buy for this new house.

    Dinette furniture, fence, fridge, washer/dryer, surround sound, guest room furniture, master furniture, window coverings, etc. Maybe I need a donation button.

  4. Guest room furniture? C'mon, who are you kidding? I like how you worked "surround sound" in there with the fridge and washer, though...

  5. Well, we only have furniture for 1 guest room. We'll now have 2 guest rooms. :-)

    Did I put surround sound in there? Well, it's not like I slid it between the appliances or anything. Oh and also add chandelier to the list. And a new vacuum that works well on hard woods...


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