8-3-11 Wednesday (Got A Buck?)

I grew up in New York.  Bayside, Queens to be more exact.  I didn’t grow up around deer, or rabbits.  Not even lizards.  It’s no wonder I’m always so excited to spot wildlife.  Today I stopped by the new house, strolled around the backyard and spotted:


Right in our new backyard.  Then on the way home (to the rental), I spotted this in my rental neighborhood:

2011-08-03 019

Above/Below: Bucks!

2011-08-03 018

I love it.  Anyway, here’s current house photos:

2011-08-03 001Above: The siding is done!

co48sinkAbove: Kitchen shot from our salesperson.

co48railAbove: Our decorative rail is in!

Linoleum (upstairs) is installed, plumbing fixtures are in.  Towel rods and other hardware are complete.  Shelving is done.

I think the remaining items are: stain the banister, carpet, wood floor, electrical fixtures/outlets/switches, and sod/seed/landscape.

Holy crap… almost done! 

I did get 4 boxes packed.  Most of our stuff is still boxed up and stored in one of the guest rooms so I don’t have to deal with many knik-knaks.  If you remember, we saved all of our boxes from our FL to NC move and had them store in the garage:

imageAbove: Image taken from 1-18-10 entry.

Jim and I stopped by the house in the evening so that he could see it.  Sometime since my earlier visit and now, they even managed to get the house numbers up.  Looks fantastic.  I’m sure they’ve done a lot of other stuff inside too.

For Jim’s birthday, his Mom and Morgan sent him a 40th birthday “care package”.  It was a hoot.  40 different items, each with a note attached crammed into a FedEx box.  Things like an adult diaper, denture care products, etc.  I’m sure it was difficult to find 40 products with a story.


  1. Hey, wow, my dad grew up in Flushing...that's pretty close to Bayside, isn't it? They were members of the Bayside yacht club, at least. Way back when...

    We saved our boxes when we first moved to CLT into a rental. I was so, so happy when I realized I could FINALLY get rid of them!!

    Love Jim's care package. That sure shows a lot of love...even if it is of the snarky kind, lol.

  2. Flushing is VERY close to Bayside. (humming It's A Small World")

  3. Ah, I commented on Facebook that I rarely saw deer too, but I grew up just outside of Philly.

    Love Jim's care package/gift! My cousin gave me a box full of kitchen gadgets as a wedding gift. Took us about an hour to open them all up! I still have a few of those things, 30 years later!

  4. LOL. The care package had everything individually wrapped too.

  5. It's cool how much we have in common. I was born and raised in NY too (upstate/Binghamton) and then moved to Florida. I almost lived in North Carolina in the mid-80's chasing after a boyfriend, but he moved again to West Virginia before I got my transfer with IBM and, well, let's just say, a girl has her limits. Raleigh was as far North as I was willing to go for love. But, it is a beautiful state and one of the only other places I would be go willingly away from my beloved Florida.

    And you know all about my love of wildlife. I totally get the excitement. Hopefully you will have many many more encounters with wonderful gentle creatures and no unhappy ones, i.e. hungry bears, bobcats, coyote, North Carolina Panthers (the animals, not the NFL players). Wild hogs come out of the woods into the highly manicured landscaping of Nocatee and dig ruts the likes of which you have never seen in your life. It looks like a monster truck rally had an exhibition in the soft new grass of our developing Master Planned community. Maybe the "Masters" drove so much wildlife out of their homes building in the infrastructure of the Nocatee roadway system that the hogs are now exacting their revenge? I see an M. Night Shayamalan movie in the making...

    Anywhoo... the house looks amazing and I am so excited for you and Jim. There is nothing like building a new home and watching it rise up and take shape. I wish you both many many blessed and happy years together in your new home. And I promise I will come and knock a champagne bottle against it whenever you let me. Jodie wants to visit too, so get ready! XO XO XO

  6. Boozy: You AND Jodie for a visit would be utterly exciting! I'm sure there's plenty of caches around here too.

    Wild Hogs... a movie... Great now I'll never look at Piglet the same. Damn it.

    I'm excited too. I've packed 6 big boxes so far!


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