8-16-11 Tuesday and 8-17-11 Wednesday


I’m thrilled my day off is tomorrow.  I need the break.  It seemed like the phone calls were the worst quality this week.  A customer told me to speak louder because her dishwasher was on.  So, you want to get a loan but expect me to scream through the phone at you?  It’s stuff like that. 

A man with $9.00 in his account which was opened May 2011, was unhappy that my car loan minimum was more than he needed.  He continued to be upset with me because I told him we check credit for loans.  He said he had bad credit.  He argued that we, the bank, should just give him a chance.  I apologized, told him I couldn’t do anything differently.  He asked to close his account.  I was speechless. 

On the plus side, another schedule bid comes out this Thursday.  During the last bid, 2 schedules were offered.  One featured four 9-hour days and a half day on Saturday.   That was the best of the two.  the other schedule was off for Sunday/Monday, 12-8 most days and early Friday and Saturday.  A good 2nd choice.  The guy who got that schedule wants out of it and back into his old one which was an 8-4 type schedule.  I must admit, I’m a little annoyed that he doesn’t want it now.  I can’t trade with him because he wants a morning shift.  Policy is you have to work in your current schedule for 90 days before you can swap.  I’ve heard they (the company) don’t uphold that.  If that happens he’ll probably be ahead of me again and possibly take a schedule I’ll want.  Ugh.

The house:

So, the new house doesn’t come with medicine cabinets.  We’ve checked them out in the stores and can’t find exactly what we want so far.  Jim suggested checking with the cabinet company.  Our salesperson provided the information.  Today I called them.  I got an answering machine, left a message with the style of the cabinets, my request and a return phone number.  As of Wednesday morning, at time of typing this up, no return call.  Excellent customer service. *Update, they called Wednesday afternoon!

Jim contacted one fence company so far.  $3500 for our first estimate.  Ugh.  I’m sure there’s lower out there.  I hope.

The mortgage status?  We asked the mortgage counselor from NACA for their license status.  He says they won’t know until the last day of the month.  Really?  I have a bad feeling about all this.  It’s going to be a mess, it’s all gonna suck.  I just want to get it over with.  The worst thing is it has stifled my excitement.  The excitement was building seeing the molding, the flooring, siding, etc. get installed.  Now?  I don’t care.  Does that seem odd?  I’m angry with NACA.  I’m disgruntled.  I know 2 posts ago I mentioned we’d try to be UNexcited but it’s different now.  Now it’s happening naturally.  It’s a bad sign.  Really.

So, there’s still more to pack up.  There’s more to do.  Things to buy.  Estimates to obtain.  Shopping.  If I don’t do anything and all goes through then I would have wasted time.  A lot of what needs to be packed up is stuff that we can do without for a couple of weeks.  What if we have to get new financing and it turns to be months?  We packed away scarves, hats and gloves already.  That is what’s going through my mind.

Today (Wednesday), I went to the new house. Nothing had changed. With a downpour the other night, it would appear that the driveway is still getting flooded even with it’s grading and gutters.  That concerns me.  The electric isn’t on yet.  I can tell because the meter is nonexistent.


I went to Walmart for some dinner supplies.  It’s been a while since we’ve had a nice dinner at home together.  I bought steaks at BJ’s the other day so I needed a couple of potatoes to accompany them with.  I impulse bought and got box of chocolate-peanut-butter brownie mix for dessert.  I came home, realized I had forgotten icecream and  then went out for that.  I had a small list of stuff I needed from Dollar Tree and stopped there as well.  That’s when I saw it.


Are they friggin’ nuts?  Halloween, Thanksgiving (Fall) and Christmas stuff was out.  Christmas was a small section… so far but I assume it will continue to grow.  I understand crafts coming out early to afford time to those who make stuff.  Cookie tins and gift wrap can wait.


So while on my shopping excursions I spot a dense, thick, chewy bone for a $1 that I pick up for Dasher.  Naturally, I give it to him and he just sits there with it.  Eventually he started gnawing on it.  I’m not sure what he was waiting for. 

While at Food Lion (for icecream), I spotted a clearance rack.  I dug through that and found 3 Hartz feather-on-stick type cat toys bundled together for 69 cents.  I bought it.  Clea loved them.  I stuck them in doors and such.  How does she repay me?  Well apparently during the night (Wednesday) she somehow managed to push the glass pan with rubber form-fitting lid across the counter and onto the floor.  Jim woke up to the mess Thursday morning.  We have no idea if she ate any of it, ate any glass or anything like that.  I can’t believe it.  I’m SO thankful it happened while Dasher was locked in the bedroom with us because I’m sure he would have devoured the brownie and probably a lot of the glass.  Jim had a big mess to clean up.  Me?  For extra protection I’m Roomba vacuuming, then I’ll mop and I’m washing the kitchen mat.  I’m terrified about shards of glass.  I’m not happy.


  1. You sound a little cranky. Maybe you need more ice cream and brownies.

    We had just our back fenceline done & two gates, and that cost us almost $2,000 (the sides are already fenced by the neighbors). So $3500 may be right. I won't recommend our fencing company, though--they did a decent job, but their customer service SUCKED!!

    Twice Rosie has gone after leftover brownies or cake and ended up somehow flipping the glass pans over onto the floor without breaking them. So the brownies were safe inside while she pushed it all over the floor trying to get at it! The outside of the glass was all slimy with dog spit. Wish I could have watched her go at it.

  2. Uhhhh crankiness is what I do best. I'm a whiny blogger.

    Keep your fence company... I can't deal with any more bad customer service.

    This was a little cat pushing a small glass Pyrex pan. I would have liked to have seen her in action but I', too pissed to think it as cute.

  3. ♪ Play that cranky music, white boy... ♪

  4. Flartus' last comment made me laugh.

    I saw a couple of Halloween shirts at Target last night but am hugely thankful to not be overwhelmed with inappropriate holiday stuff so far.

    Don't be cranky- you have a fabulous hat!


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