8-28-11 Sunday (Huge Bird Cages)

We went to lunch and then stopped by the house.  I had wanted some photos of the damaged floors and other things (I included in yesterday’s post).  I guess I had forgotten to snap a photo the other day.  Maybe I was still in shock? 

2011-08-28 005Above: Aside from an unsatisfactory paint job on the front door, we also found several dents.  The builder filled the dents with some sort of Bondo.  I hope it comes out nice looking, otherwise Jim has already warned them that we’ll be requesting a new door.

2011-08-28 009Above: I never took a photo of this wall when it was extremely crooked.  We never noticed it until we had a wood line to compare it with.  The builder corrected the wall’s angle and now it’s awaiting moldings.

2011-08-28 015Above: It’s a bird.  A dead one.  It was in the house.  90% of the rooms had bird shit on the window sills and/or walls.  Some on the floors.  Poor thing got trapped inside.

2011-08-28 017Above: This shot was taken for our insurance policy but you can look too.

We then began a day full of disappointing furniture shopping.  Ashley Home Furnishing, Rooms To Go, Haverty’s, Furniture Row, and Value City Furniture (American Signature).  We’re looking for several things.  Some we’ll get right away and others we’ll have to save for.

Master bedroom furniture: I’m just tired of this high lacquered, plastic handled furniture.

2011-08-31 016

Living room furniture: In our previous house, we had a traditional/formal living room and a modern silver/red family room with completely different styles.  In this new house, we have one living room and we’d like it to utilize the formal pieces we have.  It’s difficult to find comfortable, reclining, traditional pieces.  Most reclining pieces we’ve found are either family-room-ish or terrible uncomfortable. 

2011-08-28 018Above: This might just be the set we purchase from Haverty’s. We like IT but not the price.

Dinette furniture: We need a new style, more traditional and we’d like a smaller round table with a pedestal base so when needed, we can use it for cards/games.  This is our current set:

2011-08-31 017


I think we’re out of furniture stores.  It’s sad.


  1. you should take that bird to a taxidermist to have it preserved as a reminder of your struggles to move into your new home. or bring it to work and keep it at your desk

  2. Josh, it may look fantastic on your throttle body!

  3. New house, new furniture! Wow! I'd have to win the lottery for all that- my poor bank account struggles enough dealing with tuition, sushi, and buying kid clothes. I would seriously get a thrill if I could clear out a room and buy all new stuff to make it really be a nice space.


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