8-10-11 Wednesday (RoboVac)

imageDear Day Off,

Oh how I love you.  Although I try not to be a size queen, I certainly wish you were longer.  There, I said it.

Yours Truly,

The Worker

2011-08-09 001Dear Lowe’s,

We were so thrilled to have found you have moving boxes cheaper than U-Line and U-Haul.  I’m trying to figure out why you found it necessary to put so much art work on every side of the box leaving hardly any room for me to label it’s contents.  Sure it’s important to display your name and logo proudly however I think leaving out the road graphic would have saved you money on ink and made me a lot happier.  After all, my happiness is important, isn’t it?



2011-08-09 004Dear Rental House Stairs With The Dumb Molding and Excessive Use of Incorrect Caulk Type,

You suck.  You are a dust magnet.  You always look dirty and are obnoxiously annoying to clean.  I can’t wait to leave you behind in the move.

An Anxious Future Homeowner


Dear Rental Dryer,2011-08-09 006

You suck too.  You are a complete mess when emptying the lint filter.  I truly believe that you and Rental House Stairs With The Dumb Molding and Excessive Use of Incorrect Caulk Type work together to make my life a dusty hell.  Why didn’t the landlord purchase a model with the lint filter inside the drum?  May you and Rental House Stairs With The Dumb Molding and Excessive Use of Incorrect Caulk Type have a good life together.

Hating Lint,

An Even More Anxious Future Homeowner

2011-08-09 003Dear Clea Cat,

I’m on to you.  I know how you get up and down the kitchen counters.  You know you shouldn’t be up there.  I can hear you jump down when you know I’m coming down the steps.  You’ve left behind foot prints on the chrome trash can.  I’ve sent the prints off to a crime lab to be analyzed and confirmed but until the results are in know this, I’m watching you.

Disliking Pets on Counter Tops,


2011-08-09 005Dear Icky Stove Top,

You’ve served me well for over a year and a half but I’ll be so excited to have a smooth top cook surface once again.  Perhaps the next renters will allow your “inner beauty” (aka burners) to display proudly.  I’ve been a horrible person… covering you up with burner covers… ashamed of you.  I try to remember you are not an animal.  It’s so difficult at times.  You are truly ugly looking.



<End Dear So And So’s>

So I went shopping today.  While in Target I browsed the clearance end caps and spotted a Roomba 530 on clearance for $200.  It seemed like a great bargain.  We had one several years ago and liked it till it had issues.  We never had it fixed because we hit the road in the RV and placed it into storage.  When I got home I did some research and it sells for 250 –300 normally.  I had gotten a deal on it.  I used it and like it.  It won’t replace deep cleaning with a vacuum but will certainly help to keep the house looking tidy in between the rare times I actually vacuum.  I hate vacuuming.  It hurts my back.  It’s time consuming.  It’s annoying.  I hate it.

I got by the house today.  We have shutters, gutters and a mailbox!  Yay.  The electricians were leaving as I pulled up.  It was close to lunch time so I think they just went for a bite to eat.  The back door was left unlocked.  I went in.  Nothing looked different other than more outlets were finished.  I didn’t even bother going upstairs. 

2011-08-10 008

If I hadn’t told you already, our walkthrough is scheduled for August 24th.  Under 2 weeks!  Closing hasn’t been set yet but I suspect it will be the 1st week of September.

I went shoe shopping.  By myself.  This is big news because I hate any type of clothes shopping.  It seemed like I was there forever and couldn’t decide if I liked what I picked out.  The sneakers were fine.  No questions.  They had a buy one, 1/2 price on the second deal at Shoe Carnival.  That second pair was a difficult decision.  I got these:


They’re definitely something out of the ordinary for me.  Whatcha think?

It’s been a while since I’ve done a “This Day in OUR History”:

DIH - NOLA 2010: Nada.  Zilch.  No entry.  I must have been a slacker.

2009: Good food, bad food – read about it here.

2008: This was just over a week before we hit the road in the RV.  We posted our itinerary.  See the post here.


  1. I often wondered how those Roombas worked. I may have to try one. I tend to procrastinate with my vacuuming too.

    I love the shoes!

  2. The letter to Clea is AWESOME! House looks great & I love the sneakers! :)

  3. You are sooooo ready to move!!

    I've considered a roomba... but not sure it's right for us. Maybe someday. Cool technology!

  4. Hey, that looks like our dryer. We don't have any issues with the lint trap. Maybe it's operator issues.

    Well, the house looks ready. You should just go ahead and move in already. The rest is just details, right? Assuming you've already made sure they're using the right caulk.

  5. @Karin: This particular Roomba model works great!

    @Norma: Thanks!

    @Liz: With your kids, probably too many floor obstacles for Roomba.

    @Flartus: It's certainly not operator issues! It's a lint dust nightmare!


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