8-24-11 Wednesday (Boogers & Poop)

Yes I live in North Carolina but no I didn’t feel the earthquake yesterday.  I was at work and it’s not uncommon to feel vibrations throughout the day.  The vibrations are because the floor is somewhat hollow to allow for network cables and electric to run cube to cube.  So sometimes, someone with a heavy foot will cause a mild shake.


We did get word from our mortgage broker rep:

“We had a meeting with our regional director yesterday, and yes, NACA exemption will end Aug/29th. We will have a gap until we obtain a broker license. This will not enable us to do NEW bank apps and register loans with lender until we obtain our license. The loans already in the pipeline and registered with lender under exemption will not be affected and will close normally.”

Yay!  What a worry that whole mess was.  Now I can continue packing too!

I got word from the builder’s superintendent yesterday that during some testing, the downstairs bath toilet over-flowed and some of the wood floors would need replaced (350 SF worth).  I did not ask if it was sewer water, “dirty water” or any other questions.  He said he just wanted to let us know so we wouldn’t be surprised when we arrived for the walk through today.  We have lots of questions but I didn’t ask them yesterday.  I think I was just numb over everything.

So I gathered up supplies for the walkthrough.  Flashlights for dark corners.  A ladder.  Tape measure.  Paper/pen.  2 picky bitches (that would be us).  A level.  The level is because we’ve noticed some of the outlets are out of whack.  The salesperson noticed the towel bar in the guest bath was crooked too.  So we don’t intend to check the level of everything but if there’s a “debate” about if something is fine or not, we’ll be armed with a level.

Before the walkthrough, Jim and I went to lunch at Mimi’s and had Mimosas to celebrate the mortgage news.  Well, we’d have those even if we weren’t celebrating.

We (us and the realtor) had the walkthrough with the builder superintendent.  He was armed blue painter’s tape to mark off our complaints.  Most of it was paint boogers… cosmetic.  The damaged wood floors are scheduled to be replaced later today.  We did confirm that the damaged floors were done so with clean water and not “poop water”.  Refreshing.

Todays photos:

2011-08-24 001Above: The floors are buckled.  Strange thing is that other than the board pulling up, it looked fine, like old wood floors…  except it didn’t match the undamaged floors.

2011-08-24 002Above: A better shot of the pretty banister.

2011-08-24 003


2011-08-24 004


2011-08-24 005


2011-08-24 006Above: Some strange variations on the “smooth” walls and ceiling.

2011-08-24 007Above: The infamous blue tape.


  1. Was "poop water" the technical term the building sup used?

    So, I hope you're letting yourself get excited now! I have an image in my head of you sitting on the steps, mimosa in hand, cooing at your banister. I bet it happens.

  2. The house looks great!
    Well, except for those little issues.....
    Love the kitchen!

  3. That is going to be one gorgeous home!!! Glad the mortgage stuff got worked out...

  4. @Flartus: No, I'm sure he was careful in making the toilet water less disgusting sounding than it is. They swear it was clean water.

    @Wayne: Thanks, I'm loving the kitchen too! The countertops, although Formica, excite me.

    @Liz: Thanks Liz!


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