12-14-11 Wednesday (Close The Open Kitchen)

Wow, so many little things to talk about.  Little tidbits of useless information.  Sometimes I jot things down or snap photos and think, “I gotta remember to blog about that.”

Our washing machine has a delay start.  I actually use it and now more than even with my new hours.  I throw a load in before work, set it for 8 hours and come home to freshly washed clothes that I just have to throw in the dryer.  I have to admit, I thought a delay start was weird at first.

I started my new 9-5:30 hours this week.  Our friend, Mike, from work, also got the same shift.  His other half Billy also works with Mike and I but had a great schedule from the beginning.  As a matter of fact, on a side note, he was in one of the classes that started after us that got a better schedule and caused a lot of us to question management about the unfairness.  Back to the story… the new shift is wonderful!  Not too early, not too late.  In fact, the day seemed to have went faster.  Maybe more people around us, or the daylight, not sure what did it but I’m thrilled.  For a celebration, well not really, Monday after work, Mike, Billy, Jim and I had dinner at our house and then went to McAdenville.   It’s a small town that decorates that town very well for Christmas.  You can drive through their town and enjoy the lights.   I included the link about their 56th year doing this, and all the other FAQs that you might be interested in.  It’s free and the traffic was very doable on a Monday night.  Night time Christmas light photos are tricky to get so I swiped some photos off the internet:



Our Sleep number bed is scheduled to be delivered Sunday.  They told us 3 weeks so I’m pleased it will be earlier than that.  I think it’s the whole under-promise and over-deliver thing.  Works for me.

On Thursday they had me move desks.  It took me 2 hours.  Armful by armful I carried my stuff across the building.  That day I was also off the phone for a 2 hour “end of year celebration”.  I think that was a politically correct way of saying “Christmas party”?  They catered in Olive Garden lasagna, salad and breadsticks which was tasty.  The people who were scheduled off that day got… the shaft.  2 hours off the phone is golden but unfortunately those who missed out don’t seem to get a “make up day”.  We did all get red leather 2 pocket letter holders with our logo imprinted on the front.  A letter holder?  Merry Christmas. 

2011-12-15 004

I’ve told you that 10,000 employees work at this one facility alone so I can only imagine the cost involved in Christmas gifting.  I just felt as though the letter holder was a miss.  Who keeps letters/envelopes?  With internet bill pay (which our bank offers and makes this gift ironic) I have to wonder what next years gift would be?  I know, a stone tablet and chisel.  An abacus.  I must admit, sitting here and thinking of something in a similar price range for tons of different people is tough.

Speaking of Olive Garden, we love it.  Many a friend has been down on me for enjoying a chain Italian restaurant but I must admit, I do like their cream sauces.  I save my red sauce orders for local Italian restaurants.  So, we had a Groupon for a local restaurant called “Open Kitchen”.  Friday night we went.  It was horrible.  The lasagna was 90% cheese with a small square of crap in the middle of the bowl it was served in.  The sauce tasted sweet or something.  It was the worst spaghetti sauce I’ve ever had.  Reading reviews about it, people were commenting they thought it was nutmeg or cinnamon.  Ewwwww.  When we went to pay at the register, Jim presented his Discover, the old man accepted it, said we don’t take Discover and TOSSED it down on the counter.  It took all Jim had not to tell the man he sucked as much as the food did.

The problem with Jim and Groupons is that a lot of times it’s an impulse buy and we don’t research about it.  Well, I researched after the fact for this blog and found many negative and somewhat amusing reviews.  People can be so creative.  If you want to see a few, click here.  I read Jim some of the humorous reviews and found out that the owner (assumed owner) grumbled about the economy and how no one pays with cash anymore and about Groupons.  That man is very lucky I didn’t hear that shit coming from his mouth.  What a foul place.  So let me tell you how I really felt…

A few more miscellaneous pokes about this place, grated cheese sits in a shaker on the table as if you’re at a pizza joint.  At least Olive Garden and other Italian chains offer fresh grated cheese.  We watched the bus boy clear a table, shake off the table cloth and then flip it over.  Is this normal?  Is that even Health Department approved?  Ugh.

2011-12-16 005


2011-12-16 006

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  1. That place doesn't even look appetizing! I have never been to olive garden. I know... weird huh?! Herman loves it but I've not been. I'll have to try it next time.


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