12-25-11 Sunday (Trashed Christmas)

Friday after work, Jim and I headed to Red Robin for dinner then drove to Mooresville to partake in some slot car racing at Race City Raceway.  This was a Groupon purchase Jim made.  We had fun but got bored fairly quickly.  There were 3 tracks and I was disappointed the big major track was being used for a club/team racing event type thing.  I was further disappointed that we can't just switch tracks.  I understand why because of colors and such but maybe allow swap out colors/tracks at the half way point.  I think keeping it fresh may have made me speak more favorably about it.  For now, we'd never go back.

The track we used.

We stopped off at the Concord Mills Mall to get Jim a new phone holster at Bestbuy.  It got caught on the race track and snapped off.    We're going back to the mall Christmas Eve for our traditional "we don't need to be at the mall but enjoy getting in the last minute shopper's way while we enjoy cookies and people watching" event. And that we did.

I worked Christmas Eve, but not a full day.  I left early.  The phones were slow so I was kind of bored.  I didn't have anyone nearby to socialize with.  I'm glad to have a smartphone.   Words With Friends, Scrabble, Pandora Christmas music, and Facebook kept me entertained.  Then I got bored again and decided to blog.

For Christmas day we were invited to Beth’s house.  On the way out of the neighborhood, Jim spotted this at the end of the street:

2011-12-25 002
They threw out their tree on Christmas day?  A little overzealous?  Maybe they were going out of town for a while?  Odd.

Dinner at Beth’s was awesome.  We had a great time intermingling with her family.  We already knew some of her family as well as our other friend Ruby and Jamie.

2011-12-25 022Above: Ruby & Garret

2011-12-25 005Above: Ann (Beth’s sister) cuts up the beef tenderloin.

2011-12-25 006Above: Hostess, Beth.

2011-12-25 011Above: Ruby makes Grasshoppers.  Yum!

2011-12-25 020Above: Beth’s brother, David, grill master.

2011-12-25 021Above: I only remember some of the names so I won’t attempt it.

We ate so much.  We had so much fun.


  1. I tried to txt you a "Merry Christmas" on Sunday, my dear friend, but apparently the # I have for you is a landline. So, belated Merry Christmas...best wishes for a happy, healthy 2012 & much love!

  2. Same to you! If it's a 980 it's a land line.

  3. Hmmm...no, it's 238 (you e-mailed it to me when I went on Facebook exile) but right after I sent the txt I got that rejected return txt that said 238xxxxxx is a landline, blah blah blah blah...? Anyway...you know I wished you a Merry Christmas at the proper time! :)

  4. I thought when you said "raceway" you were headed off to Concord. So I was just as disappointed as you too see that weeny track. Not even any fake trees or figurines of drunken shirtless rednecks to dress it up a little.

    On a related note,thanks for not posting the shirtless pics from after the grasshoppers.

  5. I love that you go to the mall just to get in peoples way. I would do that too and might just have to make that a yearly event. :>)

  6. @Norma: Ooops, should be 239

    @Flartus: Yes, Flartus, SLOT car racing. Mini. Small. There were plenty of rednecks at the slot car racing place... really. On your related note, the hostess was quite thankful too.

    @Jodie: Ahhhh, traditions.


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