12-19-11 Monday (Floaters)

imageOn Saturday night, we used a Groupon (surprise!) at a local restaurant, FireWater.  I had the NY strip which was both seasoned and cooked very well.  Jim had the Sirloin Oscar (Fire Grilled sirloin with loaded whipped potatoes, blue crab, asparagus, and sauce b√©arnaise) which he enjoyed and was impressed that the sirloin was so tender.  We’ll be back, besides we have one more Groupon.  It was almost a perfect dining experience except that we had empty glasses, empty plates and wanted our check for too long.  I think our waiter took a meal break and the woman covering for him didn’t do her job until Jim asked her for the check.  We were pretty annoyed.

imageAnother work oriented dream of mine may possibly be coming to fruition.  I recently got the 9:00 to 5:30 shift but still work Saturdays.  They’ve released a shift bid for the same hours with weekends off.  For some reason I can’t see the bid.  Each time I ask about why I get a different answer.  I’ve been told it’s because I just got a new schedule and not eligible for 90 days.  I was given that new schedule, I didn’t bid on it and besides, the other 6 people who got the same schedule assigned can see the bid, why not me?  I was told not to worry, they system won’t take their bid.  I was also told because I’m going to Premier and they have different schedule bids.  OK, then why is one of my coworkers who is going to Premier getting access to it?  For each excuse they give me, I have one too.  So they told all the people who recently changed shifts (7 of us) that we weren’t entitled to the new schedule.  OK, fine, I’ll be grateful for what I got.  A day later, a supervisor emails 6 of us (left me out!) that we are eligible for the shift bid.  Great.  I still can’t see it.  I asked her why I was left out, she said she didn’t know I was one of the people who got a new schedule.  Then the Premier excuse came up again.  Naturally, I kept pushing and they’re looking into it.  For the weekend off bid, I’m fairly certain I will win 1 of the available 2 shift bids they’re offering.

imageI took today off as a floating holiday (FH) to make up for Thanksgiving.  First I was told I’d get a FH then not, then yes, then no.  Another thing I had to keep pushing for.  Management had various difference of opinions.  Yes, I know, another “situation” with work.  I’m not sure what the continuous problems are but I have to stay on top of it otherwise I think I’d get screwed… and not in a good way.  Upper management had to get involved in editing my schedule to accommodate the day off.  Sigh.

On Sunday, Jim and I hosted brunch.  We had 5 guests: Deanna, Ruby, Jaime, Erin and Josh.  It was potluck style and very yummy.  Quiche, sausage balls, waffles, sausage, mimosas and Bloody Marys.  Did I mention yummy?  I had a great buzz going which caused me to forget about taking many photos.  Ooops.  It was fantastic visiting with friends before the holidays.

2011-12-18Above: Jim, Josh and Erin

Sunday evening our new Select Comfort, Sleep Number bed arrived.  They took the old mattress and box spring, set up the bed, and were out of here quickly.  I didn’t wait for my side to adjust before setting Jim’s side which apparently interrupted my first commands.  I thought my side seemed awfully firm (I wanted 35) but I slept on it anyways.  Jim was at a 45.  This morning, I was sore.  I slid over to his side thinking something is wrong and his side seemed softer.  Well that’s odd, his side is softer yet mine is set to be softer.  I grabbed the remote and found mine was at 65 or 70 or something like a rock.  Ooops.



  1. Sorry I haven't been commenting. I have been reading, though. I'll know not to go to the Open Kitchen.

    What's up with your company's screwy schedule loopholes? That stuff should all be automatic. I think you've been marked in the Matrix as a troublemaker. Watch out for Agent Smith.

    I hope you'll tell us how the Sleep Number works out, and if it avoids the crater effect from most mattresses over time.

  2. A matrix reference.
    1- nerd
    2- lol
    3- I got it!

  3. We'd love to hear how you guys like the mattress. We're using a memory foam that's starting to develop an impression.

    Good luck with work issues. You gotta keep on em or they'll walk on ya!


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