12-11-11 Sunday (Ugly Sweaters)

The other night, Jim and I stopped at a grocery store.  In the plaza was this place:

Sure enough, looking inside we saw shoes on one side and electronics on the other.  What a weird combination.  Perhaps husband and wife desperately desired their own business but they couldn’t agree?  By the way, are shoes or electronics from NY different than other parts of the country?  It reminded me of an excerpt from a blog entry while in Roswell:


Jim bought a Groupon to see a movie at the Gem theater in Kannapolis.  The coupon was to expire soon so we went to see the Muppets.  We’re not a big fan or anything, it’s just that it’s a one screen theater so choices are limited.  It was an interesting theater.

2011-12-04 003

We decorated the tree back on the 3rd but I kept forgetting to blog about it.  Typically, Jim decorates the exterior enough to win neighborhood awards.  This year he said he wasn't going to do anything because we just spent so much time decorating the new house and it was time to relax.  He decided some Christmas cheer was needed.  Jim decorated and lit up the outdoors WITHOUT over-doing it.  It came out nice and at some point I'll try to catch some night photos.

2011-12-03 001Above: Usually we have 2-3 Christmas trees.  This year, just one with our "travel ornaments" and other childhood favorites.

We were invited to my coworker's Ugly Sweater Christmas Party.  Some said it was supposed to be an Ugly Christmas Sweater Party but the order of the words was presented as the underlined version.  I took it to mean any ugly sweater and that's what we did.  Goodwill, here we come!

I don't have a picture of the sweater Jim wore although you'll see him wearing it later in this post so stay tuned.  The 2 sweaters I chose are shown below.  I actually wore the one on the right and gave the one on the left to a coworker who needed an ugly sweater. 


Below: A group photo from the party.  What a fantastic theme!  I'm jealous I didn't think of it.
2011-12-11 041

Below: Jim and I in our super sexy sweaters:2011-12-10 010

Below: Host Josh, Hostess Erin
2011-12-10 025


When I move into my new position, I'll be a cubicle away from a window view.  Unfortunately, here's the view:


On Sunday we went to the mall.  I spotted this man in a purple hat, shoes and pants "complimented" by a full length white fur coat.  Really.


Jim has a lot of headaches and goes through pillows like there's no tomorrow.  I talked about all that in a previous blog posting here.  Me?  I have mysterious back pain that is attributed to a fat gut, poor posture or who knows what.  X-rays never determine anything so I really don't know.  What I do know is that I sometimes have excruciating pain after certain circumstances.  As we walked around the mall, I was having severe pain.  Jim spotted the Comfort Select, Sleep Number bed store and wanted to check out some new pillow they offered.  An inflatable pillow!  I have said several times that would be a great product so that you could adjust the firmness and it wouldn't wear out.  Being a savvy salesperson, Liz, asked me how our current bed was to which I replied, "It sucks.  It has a sink hole in the middle the size of the Grand Canyon and any attempt to slide toward the middle of the bed results in a black hole suction effect that demands I return to my prior position.  We have a hard time justifying the price of one of these beds,” etc etc.  Liz was surprised and said, “tell me how you really feel.”  We tried out various pillows and beds and eventually decided on the P5 model.  It’s definitely an investment.  We got 12 months no interest… Jim was nervous, it’s a big chunk of change.  I just hope it’s as great as I’ve convinced him that it should be!  I’ll talk more about it later or as pieces arrive.

Now you’re all caught up!


  1. Good luck with the bed. We have one. I didn't like how it felt in the middle, where the two sections met, so we added a strip of egg crate foam down the center. We have had it for years, so maybe they have improved that part. We are happy with it and sleep great. Lori

  2. Hope the new bed & pillow help...I'm a big fan of chiropractic from personal experience. I need to post a photo our our tree! Yours is pretty! But not as pretty as those sweaters! :)

  3. Hi Garrett & Jim. First of all you both look great in your sweaters. Maybe you could incorporate these into your work attire. Regarding your dual stores: my favorite was in N Ft Myers "Guns & Crafts" It don't get no better than that.

    By the way I love your new home.
    I will catch up with you via email at a later time.

  4. @norma: I loved the sweater party!

    @Amy: Guns and Crafts. LOL! I love the combos. I look forward to hearing from ya!

  5. Haha! Other Amy you are just as amazing as I am. Now I need to talk to my loan guy about opening a gun and crafts store... oh bedazzled shotguns! i'm so excited i just giggled a little

  6. hi just registered ,, tina

  7. @Amy: Bedazzled shotguns... marketing for redneck gals?


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