11-25-11 Friday (Hiding Merchandise)

On Sunday, Jim finished up the guest rooms and our bedroom:

2011-11-20 006Above: Master bedroom

2011-11-20 001Above/Below: “Twin” Room.2011-11-20 002


2011-11-20 003Above: “Queen Room”

We also stopped into Sam’s Club to see if we should renew our membership.  They don’t carry much of what we buy at BJs so we didn’t renew.  While there, we witnessed people lined up for samples.  Yes, lined up.  Get a life people.

2011-11-20 007

I was out in the backyard and spotted a goat.  Yes, I said goat.  We saw 3 of them through the now bare trees of in the distance.  We got the binoculars and confirmed. 

2011-11-24 029

2011-11-24 029

Outside of our neighbor are some private homes with large properties.  One has horses so I’m guessing this is what we’re seeing.  Funny.

If you don't remember, I work for a bank.  I'm a phone banker.  A product specialist would be the fancy title.  I open accounts and take loan applications.  On Friday I applied for the next level up, a Premier Banker.  A little more money, a prestigious title, and some more product knowledge such as IRAs.  I had to interview for it.  As of today's blog entry I made the cut.  I'll actually start that in late December.

Thanksgiving was awesome.  Jim's dad, his girlfriend Julie and Grandma came Wednesday (from FL).  On Thanksgiving we all cooked.  I did this, someone did that, it was great teamwork and we had fun.  Wine always helps too.  hic.

Actually we started with mimosas.  The champagne bottle cork was amusing:

2011-11-24 022
In the early afternoon, Jim's brother John, wife Tonia and 6 month old Colton arrived.  Oh and their 2 dogs too.  Dasher enjoyed the canine company (a little too much) and Clea just fled for her life.  7 adults, 1 newborn, 3 dogs, 1 cat... full house.

2011-11-24 0302011-11-24 026
We needed a few supplies so off to Walmart we went.  Surprisingly empty.  Cashiers waited for customer to come to them.  I felt guilty going there but when I remarked to the cashier about having to work, she was happy to do so and needed the holiday pay.  The store was setup to handle Black Friday.  Pallets of stuff were wrapped with signs forbidding sale.

I was actually scheduled to work Thanksgiving.  I swapped with Mike and took his Wednesday instead.  Jim had off and took today (Black Friday) off in addition.  Sometime during holiday relaxation Jim made a list of Black Friday deals he wanted.  We never do Black Friday.  It's crazy.  People are insane.  Boycott the businesses that make their employees work.  Say yes to family time.  Etc, etc, etc  He asked if I wanted to go and so I did.  Crazy?  Yeah very.

Some Walmart deals started at 10pm and others at midnight.  Yes, on Thanksgiving.  Poor employees who have to gobble (funny I know) down their food, nap and go into work.  It sucks and I contributed to that.  But how many employees preferred that?  Dunno.  Anyway, we arrived at 10:30, no parking anyway.  Having a Jeep with 4 wheel drive is handy.  We hopped the curb and parked in a field.  It worked.

The parking lot was nuts and the inside of the store, well that was just out of control.  There were no carts available.  We couldn't find anything we wanted on our list except for 1 desk chair (we wanted 2).


Black plastic covered pallets were all over the place.  Walmart personnel guarded the pallets until midnight.  Guards and support people were all over the place.  With 1 chair in hand we made it to the checkout.  Every register was open but naturally the line we chose seemed to have had someone who was attempting to hack the IRS' computer system through the use of a credit card terminal.  I have no idea what the issue was.  We made it out!

We went to Target.  The advantage here was the while there was a line wrapped around the outside of the building, it wasn't too long, they opened at 12, it was 11:35 so the wait wouldn't be so bad, the store was closed so the line of people was manageable.  It was an organized splendor.  Shopping carts were aligned inside the store so that we could civilly grab a cart.  The savage beast brewed from within.  On Jim's list was $5 scarves that he thought he'd pickup for his Grandmother.  It was close to the entrance and he grabbed them as though he was on some 60 second shopping spree.  Meanwhile, I spot a Playstation 3 for $200.  It's a good deal, but I already have one, but it's a good deal.  I grab it.   Jim catches up with me and questions why I took one.  Well, maybe family members back at the house want it for that price or someone else?  I dunno.  I can always return it.  It's the thrill of the hunt... I think.  Maybe the thrill of the successful hunt?  Anyway, we got way too much stuff there.  I plea insanity. 

Because Target wasn't apparently enough, off to Old Navy we went.  Jim picked out some jeans for $15 each.  The checkouts had 5 of 8 registers open.  2 lines went from the front to the back of the store.  Hell no.  Jim "hid" the stuff he picked out and planned to return on Friday to get his stuff.

Jim's family departed Friday morning.  Jim had the day off and went shopping.  I went to work.  I don't know if I could have handled more shopping so I guess it was for the best that I didn’t go.

UPDATE: Jim did get the jeans he wanted.  He had hid them behind a stack of jeans as far as he could reach.


  1. I can't do BF. I did it once- very excited to hit the deals. I ended up over spending my holiday budget by double. Never again. Plus, I was appalled at the behavior I saw from others. I'm ok with going out that day- but the overnight openings with crowds pushing their way in, people getting trampled, pepper spray, shootings, fights... it's kinda disgusting.

    Jeff likes to scour the ads and see if there is anything he wants. We went to Meijer on our way home from Thanksgiving on Thursday. I thanked the cashier for being there- she said she and her husband had their meal and she had nothing else to do anyway so she actually was glad to be there.

    He did go out with his friend on Friday midday. They hit a BF sale at a comic shop, an electronics store and a few other places. We went to Target Friday evening and got a few things- Jeff wanted a new crock pot and got one he likes for $20.

    He went to Meijer today and got a Ninja blender for $68.

    So we've done some shopping. I hit some local little shops on Friday and then spent the day cleaning out and organizing toys. Wahoo.

    Love the house pics. Like the Dasher placement on the bed. heehee. Next time, you should pose him in every room. :)

  2. Looks like you both had a nice Thanksgiving. Congrats on the job promotion, more money is always better. Good luck!
    Also, was Jim able to get the items he hid? (that's funny)

  3. @Mike: He did get the jeans. They were stuffed where he left them. :-)

    @Liz: It's nice to hear stuff like you heard from the Meijer cashier. It's sad to hear about all the bad stuff that happened.

  4. Good for Jim!

  5. Goats?! One looks like it has a tag on its collar. Neat!

    I spy a cartman! Respect my authoritay!

    Black friday can be fun as long as you don't get to invested in it.

    Herman and I have a PS3 and a wii. What do you guys play? Herman likes the puzzle games like puzzle quest and we both like the uncharted, army of two and infamous series.

  6. Jim doesn't play video games but when we do we like PS3 Buzz, Family Fued, Price is Right.

    I love playing Infamous 1,2 and the Halloween addon vampire pack thingy.

    I think the goat had a bell on it.

  7. We have the BUZZ games too. Fun for when the familes come to visit. Have you tried the uncharted games yet? Great series IMO.

  8. @D0N: Uncharted doesn't look my style. I like supernatural stuff. :-)


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