12-30-11 Friday (Choosing A Door)

On Monday I had off for observance of Christmas.  Jim had to work.  I grocery shopped, did laundry and cleaned the house.   I got over to Ikea for a hell of a hanger deal:


I had to buy 2, put them in the car and then come inside for another 2.  They’ll work rather nicely in our coat closet.

Later in the afternoon, Grandma came.  She’ll be here for a week.  We had corned beef and cabbage from the crockpot and then strolled Daniel Stowe Botanical Gardens.  I couldn’t get many photos because Christmas light photography requires a tripod and I was more interested in enjoying the lights rather than photographing them.  I swiped some photos off the internet to give you a general idea:




Here’s a few photos I snapped:

2011-12-26 008Above: Grandma and Jim

2011-12-26 010Above: A big tree made of orchids.

2011-12-26 011Above: Grandma and Jim

2011-12-26 015Above: Jim and me

On Tuesday, it was back to work for me and into training.  It was very boring.  Today’s lesson focused mostly on the “type” of customer I’ll be working with.  If I had to hear the word “affluent” one more time, I think I’d scream.  It’s even more annoying when it’s been pronounced as “a-flu-ent” rather than “af-lu-ent”.

Dinner at 300 East.  Yum.  We’ve been there several times and most of the time service has been slow.  Tonight it was spot on and the best experience there ever.  Jim warned the server that he’d be high maintenance with diet soda.  She hooked him up:


Grandma went to use the rest room.  Jim and I watched her look at the doors to figure out which restroom was which.  This is a fairly classy place so this is an unexpected:


Notice the male designation?  Grandma giggled.

Wednesday it was stay at home and enjoy a crockpot of Bean Soup.  Yum.  The recipe is here.  Jim and I caught up on several episodes of Ringer.  Anyone watching that show?

Thursday a trip to Cheddar’s for some yummy dinner followed by more TV show catch up.

Friday.  A nice short day at work.  We finished ahead of schedule and were allowed to leave at 10am!  This was a nice surprise.  I have the weekend off and start my new position on Monday.  I’m still waiting to hear back about the weekend off shift bid that I place but am hoping I won. 

Grandma and I went to Ikea.  There was a deal on champagne flutes, 4 for 99 cents!  We bought 14.  The limit was 12, I got those and Grandma got an extra 2 in her order.


We have so many… now what? 

So lastly I have another pronunciation complaint from work.  Beneficiary pronounced as “ben-a-fishery”.  Ugh.


  1. You should use that last picture at DSBG as your Christmas card photo next year--pass it off as your new living room.

    My work-related pronunciation peeves include "akkra" for Acura and "hon-dye" for Hyundai. Also the girl who says things like "electronical" and "dramatical.'

    "Oh my God, Grandma, stop being so dramatical about my drinking habits! Everyone has three dozen wine glasses!"

  2. It makes it easy to fit it into the "Logical" song.

  3. I think if you say those pronounciations with a British accent, they sound right. And more affluent.

    What amazing deals!! I wish we had an IKEA here- there's one 2 hours away and we've never been. I think I need to plan a roadtrip with a girlfriend.

  4. I worked with a woman who said to a customer; deducticle instead of deductible and Optober for October. It has become part of my "home" language now. LOL


  5. Oh, and if you want to go for what I call pathological mispronunciations (like, their brain is simply not capable of inducing the correct sounds), how about "prestription" for prescription and "avertizers" for appetizers? Don't get me started on when her brother had "prostrate" cancer...


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