11-27-11 Sunday (Birthday Gifts)

Recently Jim and I went for a deep tissue massage.  It was a birthday gift from him.  Yesterday we went on a Charlotte Segway tour which was another gift from that same birthday.  Truth be told, we don’t exchange gifts for holidays or our birthdays but this year I think it was a good excuse to justify these Groupon purchases. 

We had a 4pm reservation with Queen City Segways.  After a short tutorial, well a very short tutorial since we’ve rode Segways in DC, we were on our way with 6 other people.  We had a great time riding them.  The tour itself wasn’t all that great.  It was difficult to hear the guide, Luke, there wasn’t that much information anyway.  I think it was more about riding the Segways, enjoying the views and the perfect weather we had.  We did get to see some areas of Charlotte that we haven’t see before.  While going through a cemetery we saw a grave for a slave.  Another tombstone’s epitaph read something about being killed by a lion.  Neat stuff.  Here’s some photos and videos of our adventure:

2011-11-27 004

2011-11-27 001

2011-11-27 002

2011-11-27 003



  1. That tour looks like fun! I've never ridden one. Is it easy as it looks?

    I saw an older lady fall off one of those in front of the white house this summer. They do similar tours on washinton DC.

  2. Boy, that sure looks like fun! We have never ridden a Segway but have seen the tours.


  3. OMG! Loved the video! What fun! Thanks for sharing. Do you think that someone who is clumsy and has horrible balance ride one? I am afraid to try.

    Lori Anne


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