1-30-09 Friday (Thanksgiving Food)

Another exciting day of....... nada! Yay. We did go pick up the RV today. The patch came out good. The awning is nice and new once again. The various roof top shrouds are now bright white (new). It's all good.

After paying our balance, we dropped the RV off at Tires Les Schwab to have the valve stem cores replaced. We have difficulty airing up the tires because the cores are bent.

We've passed by this castle looking building off of I80 and have been curious about what it may be. Whizzing by at 70mph, we've only been able to see that it looks like a private residence, the "front yard" is facing the interstate, and that two vehicles (boat and RV maybe) are facing the interstate with "For Sale" signs and phone numbers. Today I finally marked it on the GPS and while we waited for the RV, the castle hunting adventure began.

We got close to it. It's sights were so close but we still couldn't make out what the deal was with this place. Was it some ecentric guy's home? Was it a reclaimed commercial property? We rerouted and got to the entrance where a large iron gate blocked the driveway. We may never know it's story. I've Googled for it, but come up empty. There's a lot of theories on the Internet about it. One source had several stories. Click here if interested. Oddly what we did see a block up the street were these 2 birds walking around. Are they turkeys? Freakin' odd!

Back to Les Schwab we went to find they didn't do what Jim requested. Apparently they misunderstood so we had to wait for them to do it while we sat around. That was the point to dropping it off... so we wouldn't have to wait. They didn't charge, probably because of the inconvenience. Strange that a tire store didn't understand something having to do with tires. Almost scary. Les Schwab is a big chain out west. Whatever.

We went to In N Out Burger. This was our second time to one of these burger joints. Every one of these locations we've seen has had lines at all times of day. It's like they taste THAT great or the price is THAT good, or a combination. We decided to try it out again and found that neither is true. The price for a double, fries and drink is $6. The burgers themselves are OK. If you remember my previous post about this place, I told you the menu consisted of 3 burger choices, fries, shakes and drinks. That's it. Well, I've come to the conclusion that Californians don't like choices. Maybe it confuses them. This place makes it easy. A hamburger, cheeseburger or double cheeseburger. Pick. Awwww shit, now I'll have Californians reading the blog and sending me hate mail.....

Once we returned to the hotel, we started loading up the RV. I washed all of the clothes at the laundry room. I have a bitch though. Well, OK, a couple, no make that a few. First of all, they had 4 washers, one out of order. They had 8 dryers. It was $1.50 for wash and the same for dry. There was a small packet of liquid fabric softner on a shelf. I swiped it. I see why someone abandoned it. It was purchased from the dispensor on the wall. It's liquid. There's no place to put it in. I guess they figured it was useless so they left it there. Funny that they'd vend something useless. After depositing quarters into the washers, as usual, the countdown started so I knew I had 28 minutes until I had to come back. Later when it was time for dry, the dryers were old and didn't have a countdown. Now when the hell will I know when to come get my perma-press out of the dryer before it turns off and they wrinkle? Damn them. When we came back, luckily it was still running BUT they were almost completely dry. I like to hang them a little damp. Speaking of hanging... last bitch... above the folding table was a closet rod/shelf combination. The rod was too low and as we hung the clothes, most of the fabric laid on the table.

So to celebrate our 3 or so days of eating right, we ate double cheeseburgers at In N Out today. Well, you knew that because I told you a few paragraphs above. What you don't know is that we ventured out to have a Dairy Queen Blizzard. But of course the darn place closed at 9 and we arrived at 9:15 so we had to settle on Frosty's from Wendys. Look at the sign below! Sweet tea!


  1. Yep! They sure look like Turkeys!

  2. Wendy's sweet tea is pretty darn good,too!!

    I want you to find out more about the mystery castle!!

  3. Yes, those are wild turkeys...hideous things, aren't they? And foul-tempered as well. Our town is full of them!

  4. In N out IS a bit strange....lots of Californias love them. Personally I do like them, but Marc hates them. Their secret attraction I think is the way they do fries.

    Like you said, everyone I have been to, always has long lines, so get they are doing something right.


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