1-29-09 Thursday (Four! or Ten!)

Jim and I played mini golf today. We played 2 games. I probably lost both games although I never added up the scores. Unfortunately there were some holes that I scored 7 and one even 9. I know we could have maxed out as 5 or 6 but it was more fun to keep trying. It's about the fun, isn't it.

Above: This was the worst. I got it in 9, Jim in 10. Argh!

Above: Leave it to me to get the ball where it shouldn't go.

Above: It's me, it's me.

There was an old couple several holes behind us. At one point, suddenly they were just a hole behind. Jim was getting a little cold and left to go to the Jeep to get his jacket. I stepped aside and let the old couple ahead. They rocked. They were both very good. The woman especially. I watched her hit a hole in one. She nor he were excited about it. I'm not sure if it was expected or possibly smiling too wide would allow her dentures to fall out? I should have gotten a photo of them.

We got to a supermarket after golf. Nothing special, just some discount place. We got a lot more fruit and dinner for tonight. I won't speak about dinner... we over ate.

American Idol Season 8 tryouts are on as I'm typing this. I've never watched Idol and don't plan to. I can't believe some of these people auditioned. How tragic!


  1. You might want to watch. Obviously you need the material

  2. Mini-golf is so much fun! And I did not watch Idol the first season, but I got way into it the next year and we watched it almost religiously every season since. But I just don't care this year...why'd they add another judge? I'm sick of sitting through the bad performances and the attitudes and whatever.

  3. I think they put those horrible singers on for 'entertainment' value. I usually wait till they're down to 12. It's then fun to watch the good ones sing.

  4. I can't stand to watch the beginning episodes of American Idol. I know millions of people love to watch the really bad ones, but I just get emabarrassed for them. I tend to tune in when the final 12 are chosen. And that's if nothing else on TV interests me.

    I haven't been to mini golf in a long time! Maybe this summer! John and I like to go to Chucky Cheese to shoot pinball. People must think we're some kiddies' grandparents!

  5. I love your photo journalism. Thanks for taking the time to shoot, upload and include the pictures. It really adds dimension.

    I worked in sales for a park in Jacksonville Beach called Adventure Landing and when I would book school and corporate events, that mini golf was always part of the package. It's ageless. But when the blue haired codgers start lapping you on the mini links, you need to pick up the pace!


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