2-8-15 Sunday (It’s A Boy!)

This week was painful for me.  I had some sort of pulled hamstring issue going.  It hurt like a bitch standing after being seated, or sitting down after standing.  The pain at it’s peak was a 12 on a 1-10 scale for a split second and just enough to make me wince or yell out.  Getting in/out of the car was painful.  You name it.  Painful.  Once that initial pain was over, the scale would drop and eventually stop at a 2 or so. 

I finally took Jim’s advice and went to the doctor on the next available for Thursday.  The PA prescribed a muscle relaxant to take before bed time and started me on a Prednisone treatment.  Apparently, leg pain as I had was the trigger for a possible blot clot ailment.  He didn’t feel I had one but didn’t want to take the chance so the office gets me over the the hospital for an Ultrasound.  Off I go.

Once at the hospital, I checked in at the reception desk with a woman who was so kind.  She kept using words likely found on their survey by occasionally spatting out things like: “We’re so glad you chose us.”  “I’m so happy to have the opportunity to provide you with excellent care.”  During my 3 minute wait she used the word “excellent” many a time. 

Next up was Patient Registration:


The woman in here was very nice as well but wasn’t throwing the keywords around which was fine by me. Today was the first time I used any marriage info. 

Marital status?  Married.  Emergency contact?  I provided Jim’s info.  Relationship?  Spouse.  It was a strange yet happy feeling.

I had another small wait for the Ultrasound tech.  I was anticipating a very cold gel but found her machine was equipped with a warmer.  Nice touch.  I never had an Ultrasound so now I can cross that off my list.  The results?  It was a boy!

2015-02-05 005

Well, turns out I just look pregnant.  No kids.  Yay.  The tech said a doctor would typically read the report and meet me in the waiting room with the results but nothing was noted so I was free to go.  She said unofficially she didn’t see anything wrong but the doctor would have to determine that.

The next morning (Friday) hurt but during the course of the day I felt great!  Virtually pain free. 

I’m working on getting my exception authority at work.  It enables me to make file exceptions within a certain range for certain things.  It looks good on a résumé.  I will hopefully get it this time.  The first time I went for it I failed.  It happens.  It’s not particularly easy to achieve and very few have it.  Next week I’ll be in “income training” which is a new skill set for me that will look nice next to exception authority.   This will be class #1 of 3.  I’m looking forward to increasing my skills but they’re rushing through the material.  It’s like we’re being given the shortened version compared to the class that was given for the people who are actually on an income team.  What they’re trying to do is eliminate the income team and have them do my job and us theirs. 

It was an Augusta weekend.  While running errands, we saw a guy and a huge turtle.  He claimed to be accepting donations for a turtle rescue.  Poor turtle.

2015-02-07 001

The rest of the weekend went just great!

Useless babble:

While we were on the cruise, I talked about the blog with Jill and Valerie.  I mentioned how it was funny to look at how people actually arrive on the blog.  Basically, what brought them here.  Here’s the top all time internet searches that brought them here.


I still get a kick out of “nude rv” and “pointy nipples”.  I’ve highlighted those below.


Blog entry/page views

5-29-11 Sunday (Fish Face) 6293

8-8-09 Saturday (Nude Photos!) 3206 (aka the “nude RVing” entry)

11-4-09 Wednesday (Viva Viagra) 1651

5-9-09 Saturday (Wonder Burger) 1413

3-29-09 Sunday (Pigeons and Other Delights) 812 (aka the “pointy nipples” entry)

7-11-09 Saturday (Drinkin’, Gamblin’, Boobies)  692

11-15-08 Saturday (Mormisney) 421

8-29-13 Thursday (Day 7, Gardens And Castles) 329

10-30-09 Friday (Scrubs) 260

8-30-13 Friday (The End) 241

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