2-22-15 Sunday (Chiropractic Flashbacks)

MondayIt’s been a long week even though I didn’t work a full week.  Let’s see, Monday, I had a phone interview with my company for an Underwriter 2 position in the personal lines and loans department.  I’m currently a level one in the Home Equity department.  I’ve mentioned how I’ve been passed up for a promotion previously due to budgets and layoffs.  As a side note, now my department is hiring for positions we laid off in August and October.  I shake my head.  Anyway, the phone interview went so well that he immediately scheduled me for an in-person “panel interview” which means 2 people will interview me.  That’s for this upcoming Monday.  I have a lot of questions.  There’s so many rumors circulating that make this position seem like a bad move.  I’ll find out for myself.

Also on this glorious Monday, Icemagedon 2015 started.  At midday it was snowing, sleeting and raining.  Not just rain but freezing rain.  On my drive home, my windshield was icing up.  It was remarkable.  I’m glad the car was warmed up enough to throw the defroster on.  When I made it home, the car was covered in ice.  It was amazing.  It rained and froze all through the night.  I didn’t take any typical frozen patio furniture photos.

laundryOn Tuesday, I called in to our work’s weather line and the recording said a late start for 10am.  Looking at everything covered in sheets of ice, I thought, no thanks and stayed home.  I’ll get paid 2 hours and take the other 6 in PTO.  It was worth it to me.  Too nasty out there.  Meanwhile, Jim has a work laptop and had to work from home.  I did like 92 loads of laundry to celebrate the day off.  Go me.

Wednesday at work was all about catching up with the work load.  We were behind.  Overtime was opened up and “encouraged” by management. 

Sciatica-and-ChiropracticI’m still having this hamstring/glutes pain issue.  Thursday I went to the Chiropractor.  Not the guy who recommended the expensive machine treatment but rather my previous Chiropractor.  I only stopped going to him because there was a Chiro in my building.  Oh, and not the Chiro who wanted to schedule all 26 insurance approved adjustments right away and then during treatment showed me a nature video that was tragic.  I got measures, examined, adjusted and then therapy and given a treatment plan.  He said I will likely feel an improvement after 3 visits.

Chiropractic visit #2 on Friday for an adjustment and therapy.  I told him I felt slightly worse and got the “it will get worse before it gets better story” and I’m hopeful that he’s going to work his magic.  Although, by Friday night I felt like it was worse.  Getting into bed and trying to move more toward the center of the bed was tragically painful.  I winced, yelped, cried out and had my eyes roll back in my head on several moves.  I hate this shit.  AND while I’m whining, I still have a cough.  Depending on my position at the time of the cough, it hurts my leg like a mother. 

lostUnrelated.  I love Amazon.  I order a lot from there.  I’ve got a Prime Membership (now it’s like a $100 a year).  On a previous post I’ve mentioned that we ordered an auto-propane tank switching valve thingy.  I was alerted via my phone that it had been delivered; it was left at the door.  Not uncommon at all.  Well, it wasn’t there.  I checked all over and even walked to the neighbor’s house on either side of us and didn’t see it there either.  I gave it an extra day to allow time for a neighbor to come forth.  Nope.  So I went on line to file a claim.  I had this “they better ship me another ASAP and not make me wait” attitude as I navigated the site.  Easiest ever.  I pulled up the order, clicked on “where’s my order” and then clicked “replace”.  3 seconds later, bam, an email.

“We've placed a new order for the item(s) and we'll ship it to the same address as soon as possible. There is no charge for this replacement order. We have also upgraded the shipping method at no additional charge.”

I am so impressed.  I wonder if they have an algorithm that compares how long I’ve had an account, that I’m a Prime member, my total purchases, and weigh in the price of the item that’s lost to come up with how they should handle it.  If I just created a new account and ordered 1 item for $200, would I have gotten the same handling situation?  If not, smart of them.

We’ve decided to stay home this weekend.  I’ve had this cough + the hamstring issue + worked late Friday night.  We’ll enjoy hanging around the house and maybe getting some stuff done too.  No promises.

Saturday night we had dinner with friends George and David.  George was once a resident at the Augusta campground.  He eventually moved to Aiken and then later to Charlotte to move in with David.  We went to a Mexican restaurant. The food and the company were great!

Fuddruckers-Sign-bigSunday we went to lunch at Fuddrucker’s  and did some shopping.  Fuddrucker’s was quite tasty.  We’ve been to one years ago and weren’t impressed and then again a year or 2 ago and liked it but we don’t have one all that close to us.  Well, it’s a half hour away.  This particular time I was very impressed; the burger was juicy and not greasy.  Well done.  The patty’s are freshly made and the buns baked in house.  Yeah, I know it’s a chain.  But we like chain burgers like Red Robin and Five Guys.  Back off!

That’s all I got!


  1. Good luck on the new job if it turns out to be something you are interested in. Hope you start to feel better. Pain is a pain.

  2. It seemed like you had a pretty busy week. I hope it all had a positive bearing to you somehow. How are your hamstring/glutes feeling? Are you still visiting the chiropractor? I hope you’re feeling a lot better now. Anyway, thanks for sharing this with us, Garret. All the best!

    Jacqueline Hodges @ Back and Neck Center of Brick


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