8-30-13 Friday (The End)

Up at 6:00 am, buffet breakfast, sit around and kill time.  Our flight back to Seattle isn’t until 1pm.  Michael and Mark joined us for breakfast.  They live in Seattle and even offered for us to go home with them and relax before our flight.  We decided to just go to the airport… slowly.  We awaited our private car service for quite a while.  No problem.  We wandered through the airport.  We sat near outlets, plugged in our laptops, used the airport’s Wi-Fi and surfed the internet.  I even worked on the blog for a while.

luggageCelebrity had a program called “Luggage Valet”.

“Luggage Valet is a convenient service that helps make your return travels as carefree as your cruise. On the final night of your cruise, you'll receive debarkation instructions, airline boarding passes, luggage tags and baggage claim checks. Simply place your tagged bags outside your stateroom door and we'll do the rest. Your luggage will be taken care of so the next time you see it will be at your final destination airport's baggage claim.” 

This was awesome.  As it says, they did the airline check-in for us, printed airline luggage tags, collected the luggage and the next time we saw them was Charlotte.  No loading and unloading into a cab/bus from the port to the airport.  It cost $20 a person.

In case you didn’t see each day’s entry or perhaps I didn’t make myself clear throughout, this was a fabulous vacation.  Alaska is wonderful.  If you just get off the boat and shop, you’re dumb.  Do the excursions.  They’re pricey but worth it.

Weather?  Some Augusta campground friends who went on the same cruise, same ship a few weeks prior to us said temps were warm and they wore shorts.  We checked the weather for each port constantly prior to packing and it was forecasted 60% chance rain and temps 40-60 so we back sweaters.  For the most part, the weather was t-shirt with a polo for me and pants.  For Jim, pants and a long sleeve shirt.  We had jackets.  The only time we had to bundle up was during our Tracy Arm Fjord glacier watching.

We never got to use the pool/hot tub.  The ship featured indoor and outdoor pools/hot tubs. 

The food overall was excellent.  Some was better than others. 

Entertainment was excellent, what little we saw.

Service was excellent most of the time.  There were a few hiccups here and there but it happens.

The ship is modern and in my opinion gorgeous… well isn’t it all my opinion?  There’s plenty of bars on board and always lots to do, even shopping.  We never hit the casino.  Usually we do. 

There’s plenty of photographers snapping photos all the time.  We didn’t have any photos taken.  Have you seen the size of us?  I’m not gonna pay for professional photos to show us we’re too wide.  Thanks.

No, there aren’t penguins in Alaska.

I think we had the perfect blend of adventure and relaxation.  Sigh.



  1. Thanks for the postings - happy to see you had a great time on the cruise. So how much was your bar tab :)

    1. Total drinks each was 2. $12 a drink X 4. That's it!

  2. Great trip, thanks for taking us along!


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