7-8-12 Sunday (It’s All In The Cards)

Friday: Due to the emergency vet visit last night we left the house a wreck and we got home late.  I think I was emotionally drained too.  I knew that the RV carpets were left wet.  The kitchen had pots, pans, ladles, strainer and everything else laying all around.  It was just going to have to be.  I decided to take a PTO day to clean the house, grocery shop, clean the RV carpets and get laundry done.  I also gathered Clea’s stuff like left over food, toys, litter boxes (1 in the RV) and started a donation box.  The litter boxes went right into the trash.  It may seem soon but I felt better de-Clea-ing the house.  All the dinette chairs had mats on them to stop Clea from laying on them.   Things like that.  Gone.  I just didn’t want to wait another week or more and then have memories to make me sad.  Right now some of the memories make me almost cry, I catch myself and remember that I did enough of that last night. 

It was time to clean out old credit cards:

2012-06-30 001

We left Clea’s pet carrier at the vet’s office and realized it as we drove away.  We don’t need it anymore and so we didn’t care.  We had already paid for services before the doctor had administered the chemicals.  We did that so we could just leave right after.  The vet’s office called a day or two later to tell us we forgot it.  I told her to donate it or whatever; we didn’t have a use for it.  She said “maybe you’ll get another cat.”  She was being sweet but the whole call was upsetting.  I started telling Jim about it and well, you know, I got sniffy, teary, and my voice cracked.

Tomorrow we take the RV to Augusta.  We’ll leave it there with an annual spot.  The goal of having a weekend getaway is on it’s way to reality.  I’m excited and hope it will be all I want it to be or something profound like that.

The neighbor’s pool is gone.  I think the ground was too sloped and their idea of adding posts or something didn’t work.  It’s been gone since Monday I think.  See the slope?

2012-07-01 008

On Saturday we packed up the RV, attached the Jeep and RV’d our way to Augusta to the gay hotel and campground.  We’re looking forward to making friends and having that weekend getaway.

2012-07-07 003

2012-07-07 001

2012-07-07 002

We arrived without incident.  No blown tires, car accident, awning misadventures or the like.  We were plagued with electrical issues for the weekend though but I’ll get to that in moment.

Setting up the RV took a while.  I leveled the RV, deployed the slide-out and setup the interior while Jim worked on the park connections (water, sewer and electric for you non-RV folk).  Jim had several people stop by to welcome us and we were even invited to a weekly cocktail party. 

Several times the RV breaker would trip.  Sometimes it was just the “climate control breaker” which stopped the a/c.  Another time or two it was the breaker at the connection post.  The gauge cord we used for one of the a/c units wasn’t quite big enough so we had to run out to the store.  We missed the cocktail party by the time we got home, ate dinner and showered.  The a/c had a hard time keeping up with the 2,456.52° temperatures.  With all of the power issues we could barely keep the RV below 76°.  Eventually with the sun down we were able to maintain and cool temperature.  The secondary electrical connection was fine but the primary still looked a little rough and we thought it would be fine.  We were wrong. 

227034211On Sunday we woke up to 1 a/c on and 1 a/c off.  The breaker tripped again.  We flipped it on a couple of times which resulted in a spark and some smoke at the connection box.  Poof!  Our cord was fried at the part we doubted would last.  Hey, I wasn’t in charge of cords.  I mentioned a week prior that the cord should be replaced.  What can I say?   We started the generator and Jim tracked down a new cord at Walmart of all places.    It’s a special cord for RVs so definitely not something from Lowes. 

We did get to enjoy the campground here and there.  They have a salt water pool that is warm.  Jim would have liked it to be cooler but I enjoyed it.  It was so damn hot; it was still refreshing to me.  Here’s our setup.

2012-07-08 011

There’s some really nice decks that people have built.  Here’s the nicest site we saw:

2012-07-08 0092012-07-08 008

I’ve been busy this week getting ready for another trip this weekend so I’ll have to fill in the blanks here and there.  Topics: Jeep brakes AGAIN, Beth drives the new car, and who knows what else I’ve forgotten.


  1. Is it me, or is the your awning lop-sided. On the bright side .... at least it is still connected to the RV/ :>)

    1. It's definitely crooked... for water run off. If you don't tilt it then it could pool with water and bend. We know from experience: http://jimandgarret.blogspot.com/2009/11/11-11-09-wednesday-dolls-dress-up-and.html


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