7-20-12 Friday (Blame Game)

The other day Jim took Dasher for a mani/pedi and asked about the lab results from the growths that were removed.  They didn’t have it on file so they’d have to call the lab, get the results and call us back.  That was a little disappointing that to them it was important enough to charge us for lab analysis but not to follow up with said results.  I can’t knock Banfield much though because they generally have great “bedside manner”.  They always do follow up calls to check on the pets after an appointment.  I realize corporate may dictate that behavior and that the employee calling may herself not care, it’s important to me.  A few days later we receive a call from the veterinarian who has a very deep accent.  Blah, blah, cancer, removed, blah.  It was difficult to decipher.  We played the message over several times finally understanding that 1 or 2 of the removed growths were cancerous but that they removed them. 

A few days later, Jim spotted a new growth and took Dasher in to be checked out and get the exact info on the previous lab results.  For this particular visit, we were told that removal of the new growth would mean another trip to anesthesia-land and a cut-stitch-cone situation.  We were better to watch it carefully.

We’re still adjusting to Clea not being here anymore.  I’m not truly sure if Dasher really knows it or not.  Jim thinks he does, but I don’t think so.

2012-07-21 002

The magnolia/oak tree saga has come to an end.  Jim was fuming.  I just decided I had had enough and relinquished my titled as Adams Homes Warranty Coordinator.   I told him if it troubled him enough he could deal with it.  I don’t care anymore; poke me with a fork, I’m done.  A few days afterwards, Jim fired off an email to the warranty person.  I’ll admit it, I was ashamed of his email.  The tone was condescending and not professional.  I was really angry over it.  This created more drama feeling like this house had caused a fight between us.  A couple of weeks later, Jim resolved it with a manager person and they agreed to move the dwarf magnolia to the backyard and replace it with a new oak the same size as the other.  So we’re back to 2 oaks in the front yard and a cute magnolia in the backyard.  The magnolia had just started to bloom and we were worried about moving it.  Would that shock it?  Would it die?  If it does we’ll just have to buy another.  It’s probably like $50-$100?

2012-07-18 0292012-07-18 028

2012-07-21 0042012-07-21 001

Jim called the a/c company out directly.  The air doesn’t seem to blow out very strong.  The upstairs won’t cool below 75 on a hot day until the sun goes down.  The repairman came out, went up in the attic, went to all the vents, and checked the unit outside.  He said the fan speed and dampener weight was set correctly.  That’s comforting since his company was the one that installed the a/c.  Jim said to me that it’s odd he would have admitted that.  I had the same issue with the plumbers way back.  They too said their comrades had done something wrong.  The a/c guy said he added extra Freon as well.  I didn’t talk to him.  Jim did.  I would have totally quizzed him on that one.  How does one add “extra”?  That implies the manufacturer doesn’t make it that cold but you can make it colder.  OR the builder didn’t want to pay for the extra Freon at the time of installation.  I don’t believe either theory.  The only explanation, to me anyway, is that it was low and has a leak?  We’ll watch it.  I wasn’t involved in the particular repair because Jim was picking his brain on programmable thermostats.  Months ago we had such a bad time getting several brands to work correctly.

In other news, I changed desks a couple of weeks ago.  I moved.  I got a window seat.  Nothing special.  I overlook the shipping-receiving area.   Yes, I actually took the time to draw it out for you:


2012-07-12 027

Speaking of work, they decided to cut out our email access.  I can only send email to someone within the company.  I can receive it from anyone though.  Only certain departments got the restriction.  Is it because I have access to accounts and such?  That’s dumb because I could always write that stuff down.  So what gives?  Why do other departments like underwriting have access but I don’t?  It really makes me feel like we’re the bottom dwellers of the business.  My job constantly does stuff that gets me down.  The morale is the lowest it’s ever been.  There’s so many fellow employees that complain about the constant changes.  I try to stay positive.  The free pizza and snacks they give out doesn’t negate the crap.  They watch us like we’re in a sweat shop at times. Why aren’t you on the phone?   The good news is that in October I can apply elsewhere in the company.  I look forward to staying with the company but just in a different capacity. 

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  1. Nice window seat.

    You may want to consider becoming a software tester - seems like you like that. Plus you get to make programmers cry :)



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