7-15-12 Sunday (Vacation Projects)

For breakfast we went to the resort’s café.  We had egg sandwiches which were huge and tasty.  We came back to the RV so we Jim could do some outside projects.  I swear he’s not happy unless he builds or rigs something.  He bought all this PVC piping to create a more solid and rigid and maybe even a little more permanent of a sewer connection.   I think the old fashioned RV accordion sewer hose connections were good enough for now but OK.  What’d I do?  Uhhhh, well I straightened up the inside, vacuumed, organized, walked the dog, played Words With Friends… all equally important.

2012-07-14 001Above: Jim connects PCV for sewer.

2012-07-14 003Above: Here’s a photo of last weekend’s project.

2012-07-14 002Above: The color coordinating bathroom.

The air conditioning in the RV is keeping up wonderfully.  Temps inside have ranged from 66° to 72°.  No tripped breakers or anything like that.  The temperature outdoors has been in the low 90’s as opposed to last weekend’s 100andsomething. 

2012-07-14 004

Jim’s project came to a halt.  He needs more supplies.  And it goes on and on.  More elbows, more fittings, more pipes more whatevers so we took a nice long dip in the pool, came back to the RV and made lunch.  Yes, lunch in the RV.  Chicken-Feta-Spinach Sausage and something else Jim made and wanted that I don’t feel like talking about.  Never mind.  Let’s discuss.  He saw something somewhere about a red sauce pasta side dish and decided to BUY and MAKE a can of Spaghetti O’s type crap.  I took one spoonful and announced I couldn’t eat it.  He accused me of prejudging and that he knew I’d never really give it a chance (based on comments I made while he put said item into the shopping cart).  Feeling challenged, I took another spoonful and once again announced that it was gross.  That made it double gross.

Then… it was off to Walmart and Lowe’s.  What an exhausting day.  We attempted a nap and I think that lasted 30-45 minutes.   I’m not even sure if we really slept.  Now he’s back outside.  The rest of the day was relaxation and dinner in the RV.

Sunday came too early.  We packed up whatever needed to come home with us.  I vacuumed and mopped.  Jim loaded the car.  We took showers and then hit the road at about 11.  This was a perfect time.  We stopped at a McAlisters for lunch (they permitted dogs on the patio).  We unpacked and did our weekly grocery shopping and salad making for the week.  It was a great weekend.  Our next trip is planned for the first and last week of August.


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