7-21-12 Saturday (Sagging Silhouettes)

An exciting day is planned for today!  First up, horse back riding.  We have a Juice in the City certificate for 2 at the Latta Plantation’s Nature Preserve with the Latta Equestrian Center.


So we get there and are asked who’s first time is it.  Jim has road several times so he get’s Maverick the horse.  Maverick’s annoying habit was that he liked to stop and eat… a lot more than other horses.  I get Maggie the horse.  The employee says Maggie should be fine, not usually for first timers but she should be fine.  ?????  Maggie likes to bite Maverick so don’t let her turn around.  She’s a little feisty but she’ll be OK.  Or was it she should be OK?  Another employee walks over and almost questions the woman’s assignment of Maggie to me.  I think positive thoughts.  We mount.  We follow the guide.  Jim is behind me.  I’m scared shit about 15 minutes of the ride, holding on for dear life and feeling like Maggie is walking extra hard because she knows it’s my first time and clearly she’s a bitch.  By 16 minutes I’m taking my camera out and snapping photos and videos of Jim and myself.  Weeeeeeeeeee.  At about 20 minutes my right shoulder hurts.  My right side kidney feels like it’s moving around and trading places with the left one.  I think my organs are playing musical organs.  I try to reposition myself but the pain keeps coming.  By 30 minutes I’m moaning.  No one can hear me moan which is how I’d prefer it.  At 40 minutes I’m hoping Maggie, who turned out to be a fine horse, would just stop and I’d be forced to walk back.  At minute 46 or so, it’s the end and it’s the happiest moment of the day for me.  Get me the f**k off this horse.  This shit is overrated.

2012-07-21 014Above: It’s a good thing the sign clarified it to be men.  I thought it was a cowgirl with sagging boobs.

2012-07-21 005Above: I’d like to buy an “i” please.  This sign looks like its been up there a long time.

2012-07-21 007

Above/Below: Jim and Maverick

2012-07-21 011


2012-07-21 012Above: Maggie.  On the left.  I don’t know the name of the guy on the right.

2012-07-21 013Above: Me!  Jim is in the background waving.  Damn good photo for a self portrait, huh?

Lunch!  We stopped at a little BBQ place we spotted called Lancaster’s Bar-B-Que.  It was pretty good but the pulled pork sandwich was overly spicy.  Even for me and I eat hot wings.  A few errands here and there and then off to Chima for Charlotte Restaurant Week.  Yum!

 2012-07-21 015Above: Erin and Josh

2012-07-21 016Above: Ruby and Jamie

2012-07-21 017Above: Jason, Ja-Nessa and Erin

2012-07-21 018Above: Jason and Ja-Nessa

2012-07-21 019Above: Erin and Josh

2012-07-21 020Above: Jamie

2012-07-21 021Above: Jason and Ja-Nessa

We had a great time!  What’s not to like?  It’s a mobile meat buffet on a stick.  A meat-fest.  We went here last year


  1. I wanted to do a ride at Latta for my birthday, but it was so dang hot then I couldn't bear the thought of being on a hot, sweaty horse. So, would you recommend it? The only thing I don't like is they don't seem to provide helmets. Do you know if any were available?

    I thought you were going to finish with a visit to the hospital for kidney stones, lol! I never had that kind of pain on a horse. Did Maggie have a flat tire?

  2. I'd recommend it if you like horse back riding. I saw some helmets but that might have only been for kids.

    Maggie was OK... I think. I think it's just my chronic (undiagnosed) back issues that I seem to have.

    I hadn't thought about my entry sounding like it was going to be something unexpected like a bee caught in my shirt, ruptured appendix or etc. LOL.


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