7-1-12 Sunday (All Hail The New Car)

Growing up, Jim’s family used to take summer trips from Fort Myers, Florida to Blowing Rock, NC to see his Grandparents.  Mystery Hill, a tourist trap in Blowing Rock, caught Jim’s eye on many occasion.  Each time Jim would ask to go, Jim’s mom would say no and that it was stupid.

Not very long ago, Jim spotted and purchased a Groupon for 4 to Mystery Hill.  Naturally, he couldn’t pass it up.  We invited Jamie and Ruby to partake in the roadtrip and potential fun.  They met us at our house where we loaded up into my new Mazda 6.

For lunch we stopped at me and Jim’s favorite place in Little Switzerland, at the Switzerland Inn.  We like their restaurant and beautiful views from property.  They’re never busy.  Lunch was good although their house red wine was over priced at $6.50 a glass.  The server was ditzy and at one point apologized saying he had a “rough morning”.  Other than that, delish.

2012-07-01 012

Next stop, Mystery Hill.  Ooooo, look it’s the new car with Jim, Jamie and Ruby in the background:

2012-07-01 013

After redeeming the certificate we had to wait a short time for a “tour guide”.  The 4 of us were taken to some exhibits.  One being a a grave site of someone who came after “grandpa’s still” and he was buried alive as proved by the wiggling feet.  Oy.

The guide walked up to a huge wall with rusty tools telling us what some were.  Most of them were described as “I’m not sure” or “I don’t know”.    Huh?

2012-07-01 014

Other displays were sporadic with lots of dumb word puzzles or optical illusions. 

2012-07-01 015

Finally we go inside to some gravity room.  I’m too lazy to look up the exact details but this was the only “cool” thing about this place.

2012-07-01 020

Above/Below: Ruby and Jamie

2012-07-01 019

2012-07-01 022Above: Jim

On the grounds of Mystery Hill is the Appalachian Heritage Museum and Native Artifacts Museum.  Boring.

Before we go in Jamie decides to get on the merry-go-round.

2012-07-01 026

2012-07-01 027Above: A huge collection of arrowheads.  When you’ve seen 50, you’ve seen ‘em all.

2012-07-01 028Above: One looked like a swastika.

We headed home, laughed a lot about our trip and got caught in some rain.  Then the hail started.  On the new car.  On it’s maiden voyage.  Not happy.

Luckily there was no damage!

It looks like the neighbors finished the pool.  The pieces of wood on the side are a little scary.

2012-07-01 009

Oh and a photo of Clea and Dasher:

2012-07-01 030

And yes… Jim’s Mom was right about Mystery Hill.  He called her and told her so.

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