6-30-12 Saturday (Zoom Zoom Zoom)

Jim and I picked up Beth and headed to lunch at Pewter Rose.  We bought a certificate at the Half Off Depot … naturally.  I had the Butterscotch waffle.  So good.  Jim had quiche that he enjoyed while Beth liked her Bananas Foster Stuffed French Toast.   The food was great and the ambiance wonderful.  I loved the old floors and creative ways they decorated the space.  There’s a photo or two on their website.

We then dragged Beth to Mazda of South Charlotte to pick up the Mazda 6.  We took a quick roadtest in it to make sure it was as last driven.  It was.  Back to the dealership to sign the necessary documents.  During the finance guy’s presentation of paperwork he spotted an error.  His paperwork said 10,000 miles per year.  He changed it to 12,000 and we continued.  Then Jim spotted some sort of if-you-don’t-buy-the-lease-out-there’s-a-$300-fee fee.  We were disappointed this wasn’t communicated.  It’s a fee imposed my the lease holder, Chase, so we couldn’t get it removed.  To be honest, it wasn’t worth the hassle of renegotiating but it was annoying.

2012-06-30 006

They provided us with copies of our credit score.  Mine was 811 per Equifax.  Jim’s was about 10-15 points higher.  Darn him.


Yes, I’m bragging.  Yes, I’m proud.  Did I work hard for that?  Not really.  Jim handles the finances so I guess he did.  I guess he deserves a higher score.

We drove back to Beth’s house.  We’re gonna leave the Jeep there for a few weeks until we figure out what to do with it.  Beth has extra room and right now her car’s a/c doesn’t work so she’ll use our vehicle.  It works out great. 

Speaking of a/c, you may know it’s been 103-105 degrees out.  Insane.  Our upstairs can’t seem to cool below 75.  Is there something wrong?  It’s got two separate controls (upstairs/downstairs).  I read somewhere that an a/c unit can cool 15-20 degrees down from whatever the intake is.  So it’s not based on outside air but rather what the temperature at the intake (return) is vs. the vents.  We haven’t checked this out yet.  It’s been a busy day.  Several stores we’re been into today seem to be struggling with their a/c as well.  Maybe it just is what it is?  My only bitch is that at 10pm it’s just getting to 73/74 and that’s typically bedtime.  That’s too hot for me.  Ugh.  Dare we install the extra window unit we have?

One of the stores we went to was in the Concord Mills Mall.   I spotted this “whimsical icon”.  Duh.

2012-06-30 007

Speaking of a/c even further, we have the RV a/c’s hooked up to different breakers in the house but it’s still tripping off.  It’s been too hot to vacuum and clean inside plus we haven’t even had the time as we thought we wood.  We’ll have to run the generator when we’re ready to work on it to give us the power we need.  Time management hasn’t been our strong suit this weekend.

A friend, Stacey, shared this Facebook post which came from Around The Collar pet accessories. 


I loved the idea and hate the thought of deer, fox, birds and stray kitties going without water.  We filled up a large bucket (it was the bucket the deer food came in) and set it out back along with the last of the deer food.  I hope the critters find it.

As seen from our utility room and master bedroom window:

2012-06-30 004

Awww crap, there goes the neighborhood.  Just then I remember, what’s outside the front window?

2012-06-30 002


  1. Miss Chef got one of those inflatable pools a couple of summers ago. It was pretty nice for the first week or two, but we couldn't fill it all the way b/c we don't have a perfectly even yard. Then Miss Chef started realizing how much maintenance a pool takes. It's at her parents' house now, and our grass is just starting to recover. We're not getting pool 'til we can afford a pool boy to go with it.

    1. The pool is gone. Their yard was uneven and I think they had the same issue. LOL.


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