7-27-12 Friday (Getting A Jump On Sleep)

Sunday we went to lunch with Beth.  Jim and I have lived here 2.5 years and haven’t really been to Lake Norman which is within spitting (more on that later) distance.  We don’t really know much about the activities, restaurants and etcetera.  Jim remembered friend, Deanna, posting about visits there so he went to her Facebook page and looked through her various check-ins and status posts.  He also texted her for recommendations.  We settled on The Rusty Rudder for brunch.  The food was good and the view was amazing!

2012-07-22 001

On Monday night I made a double batch of turkey meatloaf.  I made 8 small loaves, put them in small loaf pans and froze them.  Nom nom nom.

On Wednesday we had the a/c guy come out again.  He said all looked fine but the upstairs main supply hose may have been a little more kinked than it should be so he straightened that out.  When the outside temp is 95° or more here’s what happens.  The downstairs a/c is set at and maintains 73° or 74° (depending on our mood).  The upstairs a/c was set at 73° all day.  When we get home from work at 5:45pm the temp reads 75°.  Here’s how it was:

5:45 75°

6:45 77°

7:37 76°

8:16 76°

10:06 75°

That a/c is running all day.  I let Adams Homes know about what’s going on and here’s how that went down:

Hi!  I have talked to Caryl Mechanicals and was told this is not unusual with the heat we have been having and there is a 20° degree tolerance between inside and outside heat index, not temperature.  Shelly is the one I spoke with and she did have a few different options if you were not satisfied with that but it would not be covered as warranty.

Does anyone have any advice on this?  We plan to see what our options are.  We may call another a/c company or two. 

On Thursday I got stuck in traffic.  In the lane next to me:

2012-07-26 002

And a closer look:

2012-07-26 002

Friday night we went to dinner with Beth at a new restaurant, Don Pedro Mexican Restaurant.  It’s actually a small local chain.  The food was great, especially the table side guacamole.  It was fabulous.  The guacamole cart had big canisters of ingredients on it which blocked the making of the guacamole so that for me was a “tableside” fail.  Other than that fantastic.

2012-07-27 003

I mentioned spitting up top.  The other day while walking from my car to my work entrance, a guy several feet in front of me spit.  Do spitters not understand that it’s OK to swallow it?  Do they have over active salivary glands or something?  Is it cool to do?  It’s gross.  That’s all.


  1. I have to admit, I kind of choked the first time you mentioned your AC issue. Ours is lucky if it gets to 75 on a hot, hot day like we've been having. But we set it at 77 when we're home, so 75 is freezing for us!

    I've heard several other times that 20 degrees difference is the best you can expect. (And don't forget, we brilliantly plaster black rooftops on our houses, which only makes it harder to keep them cool!)

    1. It's a possibility that it's the best that it can do. I lived in Florida for 20 years and NEVER had an issue.

  2. Sounds like the AC unit is undersized and can't keep up with the heat.


  3. Tableside guac rule!
    Nice people swallow, G.

  4. I have a three story town-home and each floor has its own A/C unit. The third floor is ice cold and is set at 73 degrees. It was 105 yesterday and we had no problems maintaining a 73-74 degree range.
    I'm betting your unit is undersized, but I'm not an expert by and stretch.
    Good luck,,,,,I know its miserable being hot.



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