7-29-12 Sunday (Fire Vs. Fired)

We started Saturday with some cleaning and organizing.  I’m ashamed to say that we haven’t vacuumed (other than Roomba) in a while.  Typically when the house gets vacuumed, Jim is the person to do it.  He’s so thorough it’s sickening.  He moves as much furniture as he can, and dusts too.  Me?  I vacuum around crap.  Let’s see, that table has been sitting there, no one can see under it, we’ll just vacuum around it.  I’m done quickly and meanwhile Jim is still in the first room.  I know he vacuums correctly and we’ll just leave that as one of those things that he excels in.  That’s fine by me.  “No honey, you vacuum.  You’re so much better at it.”  Jim started vacuuming on Friday.  He got the upstairs done.  He did some of the downstairs and I took over on Saturday.

Jim started his garage project.  Reorganization.  It’s a tight squeeze in the garage especially with the Mazda 6 being a pretty big vehicle.  The plans?  Hang slat board and narrower shelving.  We already have the hardware from our old house, we just need the boards purchased, cut and hung. 

While Jim tore apart the garage, I cleaned all the bathrooms, vacuumed and mopped.  I found some more cat toys here and there and had those moments of sadness. 

The garage project came to a halt.  He had done all he could without the materials he needed.  We showered and went out for a late lunch to Savor Café with a Half Off Depot certificate.  It was a quaint place with great views of the uptown skyline.  We weren’t feeling very food adventurous so Jim had a burger and I had a club.  The club came as a Panini.  I wasn’t really expecting it that way but it was good.  For dessert (we had to spend $30 (I totally thought of my friend Norma, the fitness Queen, because I used the excuse of having a coupon to eat more food.)), Jim had Coca-Cola Cake and I had Peanut Butter Pie.  Yum.  Sorry, I forgot photos.

Next up, somewhat related to the above paragraph, we dropped off some clothes to Goodwill.  Our dryer is defective and keeps shrinking our clothes.  This Goodwill was only open for donations.  The store itself burned in February due arson by a disgruntled employee (according to the employee there) who had been fired.  Who burns a Goodwill?  That’s like setting fire to a church.  Who gets fired from Goodwill?  Wow.

Our Lowes in town did not sell slat board.  Via their website, Jim located some at a Lowes in a far off land.  Strangely, 2 Lowes locations sold it but one in particular had it for $15 a board less!  The location was eerie-dead.  Like hardly any customers.  It’s a very nice store and would seem that it was built to conform with certain architectural neighborhood requirements.  I asked the guy who was cutting our lumber why it was so dead for a Saturday.  He said the bulk of their business is commercial during the week. 

2012-07-28 0092012-07-28 008

We bought an orchid at Lowes. 

2012-07-29 004

We’ve wanted one but couldn’t ever have any live plants in the house because the cat would chew, mutilate and then usually puke it back up.  There’s nothing good about Clea passing but there are many plusses to not having a kitty.  No hair all over, litter box scooping, meows for food, paw prints on the counter, hair dust balls, puke, and hair.  Did I mention hair?  Anyway, I did make a little memorial for her using a frame we already had (I printed a newer photo), one of her mouse toys and the sympathy card from the vet.

2012-07-29 016

OK, so now for a happy note.  Maybe even funny.  Here’s the features of a phone holder I recently purchased.  I love the wording, the poor translation into English.


On Sunday I did the weekly shopping while Jim continued his garage project.

2012-07-29 0052012-07-29 006

2012-07-29 015


It’s his birthday today!  We went to Waffle House for breakfast.  What a dive but oh so good.  For dinner we went to Chima again.  Today was the last day for Charlotte Restaurant Week.  Even though we went to Chima last weekend, we enjoyed it enough to go again.  We even did the upgraded version.   Nom, nom, nom.

2012-07-29 0082012-07-29 007

And just for fun:

2012-07-29 011

Last week at The Rusty Rudder was a bottle of mayo:

2012-07-22 003

Intrigued over the “no refrigeration needed” I just had to take a photo and research.  Interested?  Read about refrigerating mayo and ketchup here.  Not interested?  Bite me.


  1. I can't believe you didn't take a picture of the coc'cola cake, but you took one of the guy cutting your lumber at Lowe's. Where is that Lowe's? I might wanna go there if they're that much cheaper.

    Love the cat memorial. Think you'll get another one? Maybe after the orchid dies? (I've never been able to keep one alive.) Miss Chef hates vacuuming because she was always forced to do it Jim-style. So early on in our relationship, she suggested I be in charge of vacuuming and she do all the laundry. I think I got the better deal!

  2. The Lowe's is on South Blvd. It even has roof top parking.

    No more pets when the last one moves out, that's it. I do all the laundry but hate vacuuming. Laundry is just about a daily commitment.

  3. That is a beautiful photo of Clea. I also swore "no more pets after my last ancient cat kicks the bucket" but then along came Mojo and then Lotus and now I'm in it for the long haul again. :)

    And I think a coupon is a good reason to have dessert, as long as the desserts are home made delicious ones and not some crap that came in frozen from a corporate bakery where it was made a month ago. ;)

    1. It was all made on site and very yummy. Thanks Norma.

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. @Alison-Not sure if that Lowe's is cheaper on everything, but on that one item it was. Crazy I know. Maybe if you are planning a large Lowe's purchase you could check prices there. It is the Lowe's on South Blvd nearest Uptown.

    @ Everyone I just want to say it was effing HOT out there this weekend. Damn!


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