11-4-11 Friday (Do-Overs)

Earlier in the week, my department decided to change our desks.  Most of us had to change cubicles.  The purpose was to make room for another department and keep the teams together.  Although a lot of us didn't like the move, it gave us time off the phones and regroups our teammates together.  It made sense.  If nothing else it will make our team inspired decorations easier to do.

A while back Jim wanted me to pick up some Halloween candy.  I picked up a bag.  Actually, it was a large assortment of Smarties and whatevers.  Jim questioned if it would be enough.  I guessed 5 Trick or Treaters.  He didn't like that so the day before Halloween he asked that I pick up more.  I did.  When I got home and asked how many trick or treaters he had, it was only 5.  We laughed.  Some day that man is going to learn that I know all.  When I lived in NY we had so many trick or treaters because it was all city blocks.  In a lot of newer areas, everything is in subdivsions or communities.  Sometimes it's not that easy to go to the other subdivisions so perhaps we only get the kids in our own neighborhood? 

The day after Halloween, we noticed another spot on the ceiling.  It's in a new location.  It wasn't very big and we questioned one another if it had been there prior.   I put in a warranty repair request in writing to Adams Homes (11-1-11 9:30am)
2011-11-01 002

Wednesday, no call or email from Adams Homes.  By Thursday morning I had to email them again:

After over 24 hours have passed, the water spot on my ceiling has doubled.  We have not received a phone call or email from Adams Homes.  My service experience thus far has been disappointing.  I want a supervisor to contact me before noon.  Once again we have ceased using the master bath.

2011-11-03 009

Soon after sending that email the plumbing company called.  Megan said she received a warranty service request.  I asked when she received it.  She said, “yesterday morning”.  The delay wasn’t Adams Homes.  I emailed Adams Homes: 

Misty thank you.  We know the drywall repair has been delayed on our part and is in no way part of my complaint.  We have delayed the drywall repair to be sure no other issues existed.
I thank you for being quick to get the work order out to Ammons but unfortunately their delays, lack of communication and lack of quality reflect on Adams Homes.  I have let Megan know ahead of time that her guys should be cutting any drywall with shop vac in hand to catch drywall dust. 
Adams Homes did respond and offered to have a cleaning service come in after them.  That made me feel a lot better about the situation.

On Friday:
Derek from Ammons Plumbing called at about 8:51 stating he'd be at the house by 9:15.  He arrived as promised.  Derek took good care in not creating drywall dust by using a razor knife to cut into the drywall.  It took a little over an hour and no leak was found until he cut the hole open a little larger.

2011-11-04 005

While moving a cold water line, water quickly dripped from the T connector which feeds water to the master bath sinks and I think he said toilet but maybe the shower.  He replaced the connector.

2011-11-04 006

On the previous water leak, the plumber caulked around the guest bath faucet face plate.  He showed me where some of the water was leaking into it and said that it should have been caulked during installation.  I challenged him saying that I was sure the manufacturer of the faucet had a gasket or flange behind it and that caulking would look ugly.  He did a nice job but the caulking did not dry clear in some spots.  On today's visit, Derek inspected the guest bath faucet flange and disagreed with the need to caulk.  He said he'd order or obtain a new flange/face plate and correct the problem.   I was unhappy with having both tub nozzles and faucets caulked during that visit knowing that is not how the manufacturer intended it's installation.

Hopefully I will not have any future plumbing leaks, but if I do, I know that Derek is the guy to fix them.  Once again I will delay the drywall repair (a total of 4 holes) until it dries out and we're sure no further leaks are found.

Back to Wednesday.  A busy day for me.  While off I did quite a bit of shopping and some returning as well.  I also decided to bake another cake.  Click here for the post about the previous cake fiasco.

2011-11-02 003

This time I used Baker’s Joy:

2011-11-02 005

It came out perfect.

2011-11-02 006

Back in June, Jim bought us deep tissue massages from Living Social.  With them expiring soon, we decided to redeem them.  It wasn’t quite what Jim and I had expected.  Being “massage-stupid”, we didn’t know it would hurt during the massage and that afterwards it wouldn’t be relaxing.  My muscles felt better in the end but not quite like a massage I’ve had before.  I did comment on that to both massage therapists who explained that what I would have enjoyed more so was a Swedish Massage.  Ohhhhhh.  No fault of theirs.  Live and learn.
The water spot doubled.


  1. Yup. Massage therapist here! There is nothing relaxing about deep tissue work. Which is why I never ever do full body deep work. There is no one who needs that! It's more cruel than anything. I save it for the areas that absolutely require it. And the best therapists know how to get the tissue to relax gradually.

    And there is a middle ground between brutal deep tissue and way too light fluff'n buff Swedish. Just ask for a relaxing massage with a firm hand. :)

  2. Thanks Brenda. I was expecting some advice from you. I saw your massage room on your blog. :-)

  3. Deep tissue is what I had done last year when I had that sports massage work done on my leg and actually ended up with bruising- not sure if you remember that (surely you remember ever bit of my documented life, yes?).

    I enjoy deep tissue immensely. But that's what it takes to get my muscles to relax.


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