11-15-11 Tuesday (Insignificant Boofing)

I realize my entries are typically multiple subjects.  It’s what I do.  This particular one has a list of small insignificant things to tell you.

OK, so they finally changed the light bulb over the men’s sink at work on Monday.  Not bad, only a week later.  It was so dark in there, I washed other people’s hands by mistake.  I hope they don’t report me to HR. The new bulb seems brighter.  Well, yeah brighter than the bulb being defunct but I mean brighter than when a bulb existed.   Now instead of a flashlight we need sunglasses.  Perhaps my brightness-opinion is a little off because it was dark for so long.  By the way, I really didn’t think I’d have so much to say about a bulb at work.

While I’m on the work subject, several months ago I came across a wireless headset.  It’s the same one I see a few people at work (especially supervisors) use.  These things are expensive.  $300 new.  It was Jim’s from a previous job.  I tried to make it work but I guess I didn’t have the connections right and my clients were never able to hear me.  I tried this thing several times.  Recently I once again found it in a box and decided to try again.  A supervisor helped me with the various settings and viola it worked.  I’m on the phone all day and love the ability to roam between calls.  It’s like I’m in an off-leash park!  I can’t go very far since as soon as I get a call I need to take action on the screens.  If I had known this was so perfect for me, I may have paid $80 on eBay to get one.  Woof, woof.


We’re still talking about work right?  Can I tell you how many people don’t understand a debit card vs. a credit card?  I’ll offer a customer a credit card and they’ll say, “I already have one”.  I’ll ask who it’s through and they’ll reply, “with you.”  No you don’t.  That’s a debit card for withdrawing money from your account via an ATM or Point of Sale.  “but it says Visa”.  I have to explain further… and sometimes even further.  These are probably the descendants of the people who thought that as long as they have checks, they have money in the account.

Oh, and still work related… sorta.  The trees at work (which is a huge campus) are so colorful.  Although I don’t have a window seat inside, I do admire the fall foliage.  Stunning:

2011-11-11 0022011-11-11 001

And finally, something not work related, a weird ad that came up on Facebook:


Friend Jennifer explained “boof” as a kayaking term but I’m still baffled by the last sentence.  Must be a foreign language translation issue?  Shouldn’t the ad people at Facebook have helped them with this?  Just sayin’.


  1. I love how you talked ad Nauseum about a light bulb. Classic Garret. PS: LOVE the gorgeous foliage. That's the thing I miss most living down here in Florida. Our leaves dont change, they just die and fall off. Enjoy yours for the both of us! XO

  2. Wow that last pic of the red tree is outrageous!


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