11-19-11 Saturday (BBQ At The Peep Show)

It’s been a sad, worrisome week.  On Wednesday, Jim returned from Florida.  Damn, that was a lot of driving.  I think it was approximately 10 hours each way.  When he left, Morgan’s condition hadn’t improved.  In fact, it had gotten worse.  Update: I’m happy to report that as of today, he’s improving a little each day.  Great news indeed!

I’ve done all the shopping I needed to for Thanksgiving.  A 20 pound turkey.  The guest list isn’t 100% just yet but so far Jim’s Dad and his girlfriend, Jim’s Grandmother, and possibly Jim’s brother, wife and nephew depending on his brother’s work flow.  Either 5 or 8.  We’re prepared either way.

Jim and I were at Home Depot the other day.  Jim spotted:

2011-11-17 002

2011-11-17 003

There’s no supermarket in this plaza so it amused us.  There’s a story here somewhere.  Can you imagine all the strange stuff store shopping cart guys see? 

Another strange thing we spotted at a local BBQ restaurant was this mushroom.  I haven’t seen one like this so it had my attention:

2011-11-17 001

The BBQ restaurant we went to was called Old Hickory House.  Ready for a review?  Strangely the building has no windows.  Jim asked the server who has worked there 14 years.  According to her, this restaurant has been here since 1970-something.  Previously it was Moose Lodge and before that a peep show place.  Maybe a gentleman’s club?  That would explain the lack of windows.  The server was awesome, friendly, humorous and down-to-earth.  An asset to owner.  We had BBQ pork sandwiches.  They were huge and jam packed with pork.  Unfortunately the Texas toast we ordered it on was soggy.  Maybe it needed more toasting time?  The BBQ flavor wasn’t my preferred tasty.  I thought it a little tangy for my liking but Jim enjoyed his.  Jim’s hush puppies were cold and had to be sent back.  Oddly, my French fries varied.  Some were room temperature and some were scalding hot.  The baked beans were meaty and flavorful. 

Images off the internet:



In other unimportant news, we’ve had some chilly weather.  With a low of about 27, we’ve had some frost.

2011-11-18 006

Above/Below: 2 corners of the yard.

2011-11-18 005

Jim has been decorating.  Today he arranged and hung a collage in the dining room.  He was smart about his process. 

2011-11-19 007Above: He used a large piece of cardboard to lay out his collage on.

2011-11-19 008Above: He traced out the artwork and measured the hangers on the back of each piece.

2011-11-19 009Above/Below: He hung up the template and made his nail holes.2011-11-19 010

2011-11-19 011Above: The finished product.


  1. eggs... hmmm... interesting....
    Love the collage! It's very nice! He's pretty darn smart to do that template like he did. I always end up with numerous holes. Good job. :)

  2. WOW, that collage looks really good! Your new place is coming right along.


  3. What a smart idea! Love your table cloth. :)

  4. It's nice you redesigned your floor plan to make such a great dining room. I would have done the same. You are really making use of it too. :o)

  5. That mushroom is called Shaggy Bark. They are considered a delicacy. My parents dicovered these in Montana and we pick them here in our yard in Michigan. They taste fabulous sauteed in butter.

  6. @Jennifer: He's smart. I was lost on the whole "let's center this" part.

    @Mark&Craig: Thanks. We thought our last built home was wonderful. I think this has it beat. We love it... aside from the warranty issues.

    @Norma: We have quite a collection of table cloths. Jim picked it out for the Thanksgiving festivities.

    @Mike: Thanks. We've seen several homes with dining rooms at the front door. Although rare maybe not as odd. Besides we like it anyway. It puts us back in the living room a little more cozy.

    @dianaW: Now that you said that I Googled it and found that there's a lot of precautions about making sure they are thoroughly cooked or you could get sick, etc.

  7. Wow, what a great way to put up wall hangings without all the grief!

  8. What is it with gays and hot tubs? A straight friend once asked me that. We do love our hot tubs! LOL!


  9. @D0N: I think it comes with the gay membership card.


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